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Why I started this blog … April 8, 2011

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There are so many thoughts running around my head.  I don’t even know if I will find the right words to express all that I feel.   I started this blog to help me vent, share, purge etc.  I just need a place to let out some of what I feel and experience everyday.  I don’t have much of a support system outside of my husband so I’m hoping this will help me to feel connected.  I’ll just assume that someone is reading this and understands what I’m saying. 

I will start slow and easy.  Today got off to a good start.  By my standards that means … no melt downs before heading off to school and I got to work on time.  I even had time to get coffee at Dunkin Donuts.  Amazing I tell ya!!!  Now, meltdowns are typically associated with a child who has autism but in my case I also have a 4 yr old who struggles with understanding his 3 yr old brothers behaviour and doesn’t quite understand why his brother doesn’t get in trouble for exhibiting what seems to be “bad” behaviour.   So there’s hardly a morning that goes by without 1 or both of them giving me a hard time about something. 

By the way, I’m Jamaican so my way of spelling behaviour is the British way.  You’ll see it when I write words like colour or neighbourhood also.  🙂  Moving on …

So this morning there were no meltdowns by Jay and also no fussing or whining from my 4 yr old Ace. 

That’s a win for everyone!!!  More interesting stories to follow.  I promise.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll write about last night.  It wasn’t a good one for me.  I was feeling very sorry for myself but then mornings like today happen and I’m once again feeling like we will all be ok.


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