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A+’s in my book May 4, 2011

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Today there’s a lot swimming around in my head.  Lots of good stuff.  I’m bursting at my seams.  I know I need to tell you about the doctor visit yesterday but 1st can I just say that I picked up both boys report cards yesterday and I’m a happy mama.   I couldn’t wait to post this so today you get a 2-fer.  Check back tomorrow for the report on the doctor visit. 

Ace is a super star!  Academically and socially he is at or exceeding the expectations.  The only 2 things that he needs to work on are cutting along a line and holding his pencil properly.  (He’s 4 and in pre-k, so cut him some slack J).  Did I ever tell you he’s the youngest kid in his class?  Well he is, so for him to be ahead of the pack is amazing.  I’m so proud of him. 

And then there’s my Jay.  He’s stunning.  On his last report card they graded him as communicating at 4% of the level that he should be.  His goal for the next report was 8%.  Are you ready to hear what he scores at now????? 13%.  That’s huge.  Monumental.  I‘ve cried a couple times just thinking about it.  (Don’t get me wrong he’s not verbally at 13%.  They count all forms of communication.  Listening, understanding, talking, jesturing etc.)  But a jump from 4% to 13% is worth celebrating.  His teacher who clearly adores him was so excited to share the news with me.  She went on and on about how well he’s doing and how thrilled she is that he will be with her again next school year because she knows he’s going to make remarkable progress.  She’s only had him since January and believe me, in January none of the below were part of his repertoire.  Here’s some of what she said. 

– He takes turns, he shares and he plays well with the other children. 

– He puts his trains down and joins in basketball games and he has mastered all the puzzles they have in the classroom.

– He sits when it’s time to sit.  He waits in line when it’s time to wait in line.

– He loves scribbling and playing with the magnetic letters and numbers.

– He pretends to talk on the phone.

– He mimics what her and his therapists do.

– He dances to music.

– He tries to sing along with songs.

Go Ace Go !!!

Go Jay Go !!!


One Response to “A+’s in my book”

  1. Luna Says:

    wow, your boys are gorgeous! those smiles are so charming. 🙂

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