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Just click the damn X May 10, 2011

And the frustration with administrators continues… 

I never told you about the hard time I had with administrators in Jay’s school getting him registered or when I asked them not to feed him since we wanted to try him with the GFCF diet.  I still won’t bother to go into that now since it’s been several months.  I will say though that I’m not their biggest fan and I think them to be quite incompetent and less than patient unless I’m right there, in their face, making it happen.

With that said …

We’re chugging towards the finish line as far as the school year goes.  Just under 2 months left.  I LOVE summer time.  I LOVE being outdoors in shorts and going to the park and the beach and BBQ’ing.  I love seeing the trees with leaves and feeling the warm sun on my feet.  I love it all.  This year though I’m a little apprehensive.  I (we all) have gotten used to the school routine and it works for us.  The summer will not be easy on our wallets (all day child care) or the children I’m sure but we’ll get through all that.  I did start to worry about Jay’s therapy though.  You see, for now, the only therapy he gets is at school.  I did call a couple of places to get him some private therapy but everywhere has such long waiting lists.  We have an appointment scheduled for some time late in July. 

Being me, I set up a meeting with Jay’s administrator to discuss the options for the summer.  As it turns out the school system provides year round care and therapy for children with special needs … IF THE ADMINISTRATOR CLICKS THE X IN THAT BOX.  *Insert my scream here*.  “Miss Incompetent” didn’t click the X when typing up Jay’s IEP.  Why on earth wouldn’t she click the damn X?  It’s infuriating.  I asked about amending it now but the deadline to register for the summer program was April 5th and there’s no bending the rules.  I spoke to her supervisor hoping he could make a miracle happen but nope … there’s nothing he can do.  The summer program is run by a different group so they are not obligated to make an exception due to administrator negligence.  Oh, the beaurocracy. 

I just don’t get it.  Everything is a fight.  All I want is for my son to get what he’s entitled to.  Clearly, missing 2 months of therapy is not a good idea.  Them telling me that they will make sure it’s in his IEP for next summer doesn’t help him now.  Hopefully starting at the end of July I’ll be able to get him some speech therapy that way he will only miss out on 1 month, but the system is in need of some serious fixing. 

I’m writing about this because as parents we really need to help each other.  If there’s someone out there who is behind us (time wise) in this process and they learn something from my experiences then I will be happy.  I’ve kind of learned it all on my own as we’ve made our way through it.  I wish I knew back in December that I should make them click the X.  I wish I knew we had that summer time option.  I wish I knew all that was available to us. 

I had so many titles in my head for this post. 

1. Beaurocracy at it’s Best … Not

2. I wish I knew then what I know now.

3. Stupid early Deadlines

But the 1 thing that my mind just can’t let go of is … Why didn’t she click the damn X?


2 Responses to “Just click the damn X”

  1. Luna Says:

    oh yeah, that sounds more than a little familiar. I’m so bitter at this point, I can’t even find the energy to be outraged for you. My son is in the 3rd grade. I’m in daily (yeah, you heard me..DAILY) contact with all 3 of his teachers. Doesn’t matter. They know my son, know his challenges, know how much he needs “summer school” and his administrator flat-out refuses to click the damn X. We cannot afford private therapies, so summer is very frustrating. All I think about is how much ground we’re losing. Good Luck hun! 🙂

  2. […] been down this road with the child study team before.  They’re not my favourite people.  Maybe they are good people when they are not in this room and maybe they started out their […]

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