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Jeopardy June 1, 2011

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– Seeing him learn something new.  (It knocks me off my feet every single time. )

– Seeing him TRY to learn or do something new. 

– Kissing his belly and knowing it’s the most delicious thing ever.

– The look on his face as he anticipates what body part I’ll kiss or tickle next.

– The way he gently pulls me by the back of the head towards his face and kisses me on the lips.

– That he won’t stop trying to kiss me right on the lips when I turn at the last-minute so he will catch me on the cheek. 

– The way his laugh bursts through the air and sounds way to big to have come from his tiny body.

– Seeing him and Ace hanging out together. Laying on 1 bed watching TV, killing ants, jumping on the couch.  Doesn’t matter. 

– Hearing him say my name … “Mummy” (or “Noni” as it sounds sometimes).

– His trusting, innocent face. 

– Hugging him.

– The way he cracks himself up by doing things he knows he’s not supposed to.  (Putting his juice on the floor, kicking over my freshly folded laundry, running up the stairs at school, hitting the cat)

– That he’s becoming more open and adventurous.  (Although that scares me too).

– His charm.

– His individuality.

– That when the 4 of us are out together he won’t leave if 1 person is trailing behind.



What are some of the things that I enjoy the most about my Jay?


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