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Good Stuff June 2, 2011

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In my house you never know what kind of day you’re going to have.  You can usually tell pretty early on though.  I’m starting to think it has a lot to do with whether Jay wakes up on his own or if he gets woken up.  He’s very much my kid that way.  We love our sleep.  But the pictures below are from what was a lovely weekend we had with my 2 boys and a cousin of theirs who recently moved to NY from Trinidad.  I’m so excited that my sons now have a cousin to play with.    So, without further delay … here’s a taste of some of our Good Times!!!


My little adrenaline junky.  Trust me, he’d rather be on a roller coaster than a merry-go-round but he’ll take what he can get. 


Don’t let the look on his face fool you.  He loved the merry-go-round.  He smiled when it was moving.  This was the 1st time we’ve managed to get him on one.  Previously when we tried he absolutely refused to sit on it.  So this is improvement. 


See, I told you about the pointing.  This took so much work.  But seeing it pay off is the most gratifying feeling.  I don’t remember what animal he was pointing at this time.  Doesn’t matter to me.  As long as he’s pointing at something. 


The other kids were running around at this point but Jay needed a break so he found a corner to just chill.  It had been a long day with no nap and lots of walking and running. 


I had to throw this in.  I could watch them play together all day.  Tag is Ace’s favourite game so when he can get Jay to join in, it’s heaven for him.


Another of my faves.  Ace singing and Jay thinking his big brother is just so funny.  (BTW, Ace has a voice that only his mother could love.) 


“Get away from me.  No more pictures.”


Our 1st BBQ of the season and Jay was so curious about the smoke.  (You know it’s a big deal when he shows interest in something new.)  He’s such a different kid this summer than he was last summer.  I’m loving it. 


How cute is this?  “Reading” a Thomas book. 


Wiped out!!!!! 


So there you have it folks.  Despite all my complaining, we have lots of good times.  And I’m forever grateful for my little, 3 man, 1 woman family.


2 Responses to “Good Stuff”

  1. Luna Says:

    i know i’ve said it before, but geez woman, your family is gorgeous!

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