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Movie Magic June 25, 2011

People often talk about the magic of the movies.  I’m sure for a lot of people the magic is in the sheer wonder of being able to make a movie.  The technicality of it all.  How do they do the things they do?  For some people it’s the stories coming to life right in front of them … maybe off pages they’ve read before.  For some people it’s the actors and actresses skill.  Their ability to transform themselves into a character so different from who they really are. 

I’ve always loved the movies.  I actually remember the 1st movie I ever went to.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It was 1990 and I was living in a small town most people have never heard of in Jamaica.  My uncle took about 5 of us cousins and friends to see it.  It was an open roof theatre and we all thought it was wonderful.  We had each even gotten a TMNT t-shirt before going to see the show which of course we all wore.  I’ve since gone to drive-ins and amphitheatres and now I’m going to 3D’s.  Times sure have changed.  But my love for the movies has always been more like a casual affair.  It was something to do.  Much like going out to dinner or catching a free concert in Central Park, or lyming at the beach.  (Lyming is Caribbean  Island speak for “hanging out”)  I’m just a fan of doing things.  But the movies have started to become something much different to me now.  I am appreciating them on a whole other level.  Now I’m starting to see the magic.   The real magic of the movies lies in what it does to my son. 

You see, both my kids tend to have the ants- in-the-pants syndrome.  They have a hard time sitting still.  They’re always busy.  Running, jumping, climbing and doing what they think is dancing.  But ever since the very 1st movie we took them to, (that one I can’t remember) I’ve noticed that Jay is a different child at the movie theatre.  Not Ace, he still has a hard time being still or quiet for that 2 hr time span, but the moment we go up the escalator and Jay realizes where we are headed he calms down.  He waits for popcorn.  He takes a seat, puts on his 3D glasses if necessary and is quiet.  It’s quite amazing.  He giggles at the previews and just waits and watches.  I catch myself looking over at him to make sure I’m not imagining it all.  Maybe he’s starting to fuss, or maybe he’s fallen asleep but nope, I’m not imagining.  It’s all very real.  Every single time I look over,  there he is, with his eyes glued to the massive screen and a mouth full of popcorn.  There is no other way to describe it but to say my son is transported to another place.  A magical place. 

In case you’re wondering, watching movies at home doesn’t have the same effect on him.  It’s something in the air or in the atmosphere at the cinema that does it. 

So it was this morning we spent a delightful 2 hrs watching Cars 2.  (Not my favourite movie by the way) Then we came home and the spell broke.  He’s gone back to being the noisy, somewhat grumpy Jay that I love. 

Movies certainly aren’t cheap now-a-days.  It can easily cost a family of 4 close to $80 to take in a flick but we saw Kung Fu Panda 2 last week and Cars 2 this week and all I wanna know is … When is the next kiddie movie coming out?  We need some more magic.


One Response to “Movie Magic”

  1. rhemashope Says:

    . hooray for Jay and the movies! my youngest just saw kung fu panda a few weeks ago – i thought she might be too young, but she did just fine. =)

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