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Sweet love July 1, 2011

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CC always says that Ace has me wrapped around his finger and that he can charm his way out of anything.  I profusely deny it.  I say (and really do think) that I can balance being nice, fun and loving mama with being stern, no-nonsense mama.  But should the below be entered as evidence into court, I think I’d be found guilty as charged.


Ace (yelling from the bathroom) : Mummy, I just pooped, can you come wipe my butt?

Me : No.

Ace : Why not?

Me: Because you’re a big boy now and you can wipe your own butt.

Ace : I’m not a big boy, I’m your sweet love. 


How could anybody stand firm against that?  Of course, I had to go.  I wipe his butt and after flushing and washing hands, I give him a big hug and kiss and tell him that yes, he is.  He is my sweet love.

He’s all smiles after that like he “won”.

(Your honour …  it was late and he was probably tired.  It’s not like I wipe his butt everyday or anything)  🙂


3 Responses to “Sweet love”

  1. Luna Says:

    girl, i so needed to laugh. i’m hating autism today, esp when being forced to congratulate others on the awesomeness of their over-achieving 9 year olds. yes, i’m being a brat today. and i SO needed a good smile. this story is adorable! i’m so very glad you posted this!!

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