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Lazy Post July 6, 2011

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Sorry if you came here looking for a real post today.  I just don’t have the energy.  I’m still recuperating from the weekend and yes I know it’s now Wednesday.  It just isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Getting older sucks.

So … Lets see what I’ve got to share with you …

1. I’ve fallen off the wagon.  Sadly, I’m not running anymore.  I play some solo racket ball and I tell myself that it’s still exercise and it’s better than sitting on the couch but the truth is that if the ball doesn’t come right back to me, I let it go and then use a new ball.  Man I wish I liked working out.

2. Ace is not on the spectrum.  (Yay!)  He just needs to get used to being around other children and his hand writing and scissors (or is it scissor?) use has gotten much better. He’s having a great summer so far and it will only get better.

3. Jay has transitioned to the summer time schedule like a champ.  It helps that he’s going to the same place (all day now) that he used to go to after school. I hear he’s even taking a couple bites of mac and cheese or whatever else they serve for lunch each day.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  It’s not happening at home.  (We’re off gluten-free.  Didn’t see any change.)

4. This pretty much has nothing to do with what I usually blog about but I had already typed the # 4 and didn’t feel like deleting it … 🙂 … Starting next week I get to work longer days on Mon – Thur and then get off work at noon on Fri.  Can you hear the angels singing?  See the fireworks going off?  Feel the tingling on your skin?  I get to be home BY MYSELF for a couple of hours each week.  I get quiet time.  I get to get my hair or nails done without feeling bad that CC is home alone with both boys.  I get to clean the bathroom without Jay fussing because if there’s water running in the tub he thinks that means it’s bath time and he doesn’t understand why he can’t get in.  Freakin’ Oprah.  Why did she have to cancel her show now?

What???  Did you think I would say I’m happy to leave early so I can pick the kids up early and do fun stuff all afternoon?  Sorry to disappoint you.  You know I love my boys but I really want that “me” time.  lol


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