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Ace-isms August 30, 2011

We’re 4 days away from Ace’s 5th birthday and 7 days away from his 1st day in Kindergarten.  Yup, that’s right,  he’s a big boy now.  In his mind, he’s already a grown up.  The thing is though, I get to listen to the things he says and I know he could use some more lessons.  He is able to count to 30.  (Impressive I know).  Although for some reason he really likes to leave out # 16.  CC worked on that with him though so now I think he’s got it.  He also knows all his colours, shapes, alphabet (upper and lower case), the sounds each letter makes and can write his first name and something resembling his last name.  So with all this knowledge, you’re wondering why it is I say he still has some learnin’ to do?  Even though he knows boys different from girls, (He’s never come across the likes of Ru-Paul), Ace mixes up he & she and her & him.  He also hasn’t figured out that his heel isn’t on his face nor is his jaw on his foot.  Also, his grammar leaves something to be desired.  This may be partly due to his Caribbean Island roots.  Not me, my Hinglish is perfeck.  Thanks to his Dad he thinks the super hero Thor is Tor.  But there’s definitely some things he says that his Dad can’t be blamed for.    Here I give you some real life scenarios and things that my probably-not-gonna-be-an-English-major-unless-he-goes-to-school-son said.

* The day after we got back from camping … “Mummy I love camping.  I love it very a lot”

* Watching TV and a Bow Flex (exercise machine) commercial comes on … “When I was bigger I gonna get that one”

* Playing with his Iron Man action figure … “Mummy look at my Iron Man.  You’ve never seen a Iron Man before, don’t you?”

* Pretty much every evening … “Can I use the ponchuter?”  (That’s computer for those of you who don’t speak Ace-ease)

*Asking the price of a toy he has … “How old are for this?”

* Seeing Daddy with paint on his hands … “Daddy, the whipe stuff is painting?”  (By whipe, he means white)


Kindergarten and a hopefully successful school year here we come.


One Response to “Ace-isms”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Aww it’s cute! I think it’s sad when they start correcting their cute little mistakes! These are all very similar grammatical errors to the ones Laila makes and I think they must be completely normal. Having just studied how to teach English, these mistakes are the more difficult grammar points a foreigner has to learn and I guess children learn the same way!
    Good luck for Kindergarten Ace!!

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