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Sorry … More picture stuff September 6, 2011

I know I promised a different kind of post today but that one is taking longer to write than I thought.  So in the mean time … how about we talk some more about pictures?  🙂

I have so many wonderful pictures of Ace’s handsome face.  I love them and they are up on my wall at work, at home … in other people’s homes … everywhere.  He’s very photogenic and he knows it and enjoys it. 

See below.  He’s been a fan of the camera since he was a baby.  Nothing has changed in that dept.  His grins are the stuff of legends.  And 1 picture is never enough. 

You see … I’m not kidding when I say Ace LOVES to have his picture taken.  He requests it all the time.  I really don’t know where that side of him came from.  (Hint *** It’s not his Dad.)


I have lots of pictures of Jay too.  But his are somewhat different. 

Exhibit A.

Jay is minding his own business and I get into position and then say “JAY” and then as soon as he turns around I snap.


Exhibit B.

Jay is laughing at something and I just quickly grab the camera and snap from an angle before the moment is passed. 


Exhibit C.

No explanation needed here. 


Exhibit D.

Someone has to actively do something to make Jay smile and then I take a picture.  I mean, laughter for any reason is a good thing but these kinds of pictures don’t feel completely honest.  When I put them on FB, they don’t tell the entire story.  Ya know?


Exhibit E. 

We try, and try, and try some more to get ONE decent family picture.  Jay is always either wriggling to get out of our arms (which doesn’t make for great pictures) or he’s just not paying any attention whatsoever. 

(Side bar) … I remember when Ace started school last year they asked for a picture of each kids family and I really had nothing to send.  Then I got the above picture and sent that.  It wasn’t the worst one we had. 


That was before … This is now.  This is how my Jay poses for pictures now.  I got these between Saturday and Sunday. 

He actually stopped playing to say cheese.  I love it!  (And I mean he really said cheese.  He pronounced all of the letters in the word.  More on that tomorrow.  I promise.) 

Now if I can just get CC to smile at the same time as the rest of us, there may be a “family picture” Christmas card somewhere in our future afterall.


3 Responses to “Sorry … More picture stuff”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Aww what great pictures, I EXPECT a christmas card with a family photo this year and i will send you one in return! Love you guys xxxx

  2. rhemashope Says:

    Wow. I mean, wow. Y’all are some beautiful people.
    Those baby cheeks on Ace, those smiles. ! It’s a good thing we don’t live close because I would seriously kidnap your sons.

  3. […] years later, I’m still not over the fact that Jay will sit and pose for pictures so even though he may not be the next child model for the Gap, I think this picture is a […]

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