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Progress Report September 7, 2011

The above picture is there because … well, why the hell not? It was taken today before going off to school. Today was the 1st day back and the transition was seamless. No crying or anything. We’re off to a good start.

Ok so the real reason I’m writing today is that I want to take this time to acknowledge a lot of good things that we’ve noticed in Jay lately. Don’t think for a moment that it’s been all good. He was a nightmare yesterday. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt by saying it wasn’t a good weather day here and I’ve been reading that a drop in air pressure makes some of our children feel uncomfortable and therefore they behave less than saintly. So yup, yesterday both Jay and Ace (although Ace wasn’t so intolerable) got sent to bed early. Like 7 pm early.

Back to the good things. There’s a lot so I think the best way to do this is just to simply list them as they come to me.

1. Jay is showing interest in opening presents. Doesn’t sound like something worth bragging about? Well, for a long time, birthdays and Christmases were just a tad less exciting than I would’ve hoped for them due to Jay not caring about presents. They simply meant nothing to him. After they were opened, he would be interested in what was inside (maybe). But the act of opening them or showing any excitement that there was something inside the wrapper eluded him. It’s been a while since we had presents to open. The last birthday we celebrated with gifts was in January so imagine my surprise when I saw this … 

I must say here also that Ace was such a good big brother to allow Jay to help him and to allow Jay to share in his birthday excitement. I love you my son.

2. This past weekend, Jay played with his brother and his cousin. He’s still very comfortable (it would seem) playing by himself, but he’s been steadily getting better and better at joining in with other children. They rode bikes, (Jay rode a training bike for the 1st time independently) played tag, ran races and threw a ball into bushes hoping it would get stuck. (That game was invented by Jay but enjoyed by all.)

3. Jay has gotten very good at following one step instructions. He will pick things up, give things to people, throw things in the garbage, clean up etc on command. He runs, jumps, hops on 1 leg, sits down etc just by us asking him to. Yeh that’s right … he’ll do things just because we tell him to. That’s progress! (Whose kid is this???)

4. We decided to clean out the toys. It’s been a long time coming and CC was probably tired of my nagging asking. I’m more of a minimalist and CC is a border-line hoarder. (j/k babes. Not really). Jay took about 20 seconds to realize what we were doing and decided that he better keep an eye on us. He hovered and watched to make sure we didn’t throw anything out that he wanted. When he felt that a toy was wrongly being identified as garbage he took it and started his own pile of rescues. A hoarder in training? Gosh, I hope not.

5. Jay ate a Golden Oreo cookie. In my house, eating a cookie is reason for praise. I’ve talked a few times about the limited number of things that Jay will eat. Every time that we’ve given him an oreo in the past he’s split it open, eaten the cream and then discarded the actual cookie. Yesterday, he sat and took a bite of the cookie. I thought maybe it was an accident. Like he had forgotten that he wasn’t “supposed” to eat that part but he didn’t flinch or spit it out or make a face. He ate the entire thing. Today cookies, tomorrow sushi. No? I’ll keep you in the loop.

6. I don’t know why I was making kissie faces and noises at him but I was.  Guess what? He started doing it back to me. He pouted his lips and make kissie sounds. Of course, I had to take it a step further. I had to push to see how much more I could get out of him. I made a clicking sound with my tongue and the roof of my mouth. Jay did it too. I sucked my cheeks in and made the “fish” face. He tried so hard and almost got it. I blew air out (like when blowing bubbles) which Jay has struggled with before and he did that too. All these are wonderful as his doctor thinks mouth awareness is vital in getting him to talk. He needs to know what his mouth is capable of and he needs to learn how to imitate the things he sees and hears. I’m very excited about this development.

7. You all know by now that Jay has mastered saying the word “cheese”. (See photo above) I’ve told you before that when he does try to talk he ignores the consonants and just goes for the vowel sounds. He still does that but the consonants are coming. 1st there was the “ch” and “s” sounds. Then while we were at Medieval Times for Ace’s birthday he very clearly said “horse”. I realize horse doesn’t have any strong consonant sounds but whatever. Let me have that one. In an attempt to get CC to keep him company he pulled CC into his room and said “sit down”. It sounded like he had a mouth full of marbles, but it was clear enough to understand.

Ace loves attention. He is sweet and has never had a bad intention in his life. He’s friendly and loves to make people smile or laugh. There’s nothing he hates more than to be ignored. As far as he’s concerned, if he calls you, you MUST answer. It gets a little … ahm … ok fine … annoying at times. So in his usual annoying charming and loveable way he was calling for Jay over and over. “Jay come here, Jay look at this, Jay you want this?” What happened next I’m sure will become a regular occurrence. Jay yelled “WHAT???????” CC and I joked later that what Jay really wanted to say was “What the F do you want? Leave me the hell alone.” But for now all he managed was What? I have a feeling Ace is about to get told to shut up soon and it won’t be by me or his Daddy.

This just in from CC who is home with the boys now.  Jay came and gestured for a cup.  When he was handed the cup, CC asked him what he wanted and he very clearly said “juice”.  What a change this is from the kid who used to yell and scream and throw himself on the floor all because he was thirsty and we had no idea.  Yup, talking is a big deal


Whew … you see why it took me a while to write that? I’m sure there are things that I left out and this wasn’t the most interesting thing to read but I wanted/needed to put it down in the history pages that Jay is making connections. His wires are not as crossed as they used to be and I’m very very very proud of him.


2 Responses to “Progress Report”

  1. Michelle Says:

    you should be really proud! That’s so much progress in a short space of time!
    Laila and Max do the same with the cookies, the cream first and sometimes they might eat the cookie!

  2. […] What can I say in closing that I haven’t said many times before?  We have a long way to go but we have come SO FAR. […]

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