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And they’re off September 8, 2011

4 posts in 4 days.  I think that’s the 1st time I’ve done that. 


Yesterday was the 1st day of school for Jay and Ace was today.  There’s really no news on either one.  They both handled it like champs.  I’m excited to see what this year will bring and what new things they will both learn. 

I’m sure Ace will come home today with paperwork in his bag.  If there’s anything worth talking about there I’ll let you know.  For now, I’ll just tell you about Jay’s paperwork. 

Along with the obligatory emergency contact and lunch stuff, he came home with an info sheet yesterday.  There were a handful of questions that are meant to help the teacher get to know your child.  It asked about your childs interests/strengths.  (I had answers for that this time :-)) It also asked about siblings and what your child’s experience was like in school last year. 

I have a tendency to be a little long winded.  I attribute that to my years of schooling in Jamaica.  The schools I went to focused a lot on students writing.  They encouraged essay writing and giving answers in long properly written paragraphs.  I’m not good at jotting things down in small spaces so how did I manage  with the info sheet?  I filled it in and then at the bottom I said “Also see attached letter“.  Yesterday while at work (don’t tell my boss), I had written a 3 page letter outlining the things that I wanted Ms. L to know about Jay.  I broke it down into 2 sections.  1st, I let her know all the things that he does/knows now that he didn’t when she last saw him in June.  Then I told her about the things we’re still working on and how to deal with any bad behaviours that he may show.  I gave her all my contact info and told her that although I wouldn’t be seeing her much this year since CC will do the morning drop off, I still would like us to be in touch on a regular basis. 

Well, this morning, she called me to say she got the letter and that she has already noticed a lot of the good things I talked about and so far (it’s only been 1 day) she hasn’t seen any of the bad. 

It meant a lot to me that she would take the time to call me.  Teachers like her make a huge difference.  Teacher/parent collaboration is crucial.  Whether a child has special needs or not. 

I would encourage every parent to get to know their childs teacher.  I do believe that the vast majority of people who go into teaching do so becasue they want to help our children but I know enough teachers to know that if they see an active, involved parent, they will show more of an interest in that child than if the parent doesn’t care.  So while I know that my 3 page letter may have been over kill, my hope is that it will set the tone that I take his education seriously and that Jay Jay will reap some benefits of that.


Be nice to a teacher today.  They do get summers off (lucky bastards) but it’s a tough and SUPER important job that they do.


One Response to “And they’re off”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I agree with you, the more you talk to the teachers the more you get back from them. I remember when Laila was in nursery I wrote them a whole page of notes on what she could do, her recent words and skills. They really loved all the information I gave them as kids don’t always do the same things at school or nursery that they can do at home!

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