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Ercy and Oby October 18, 2011

Picture this …


A regular house.  Nothing you’d see in a design magazine.

The kind of house that you feel comfortable in as soon as you walk in the door.

There are 4 adults, 6 kids (5 boys and 1 girl) and a dog.

The adults are sipping wine and chit-chatting.

The kids are doing what 6 kids under the age of 10 do … Driving the adults crazy.  Just Kidding.  🙂

They’re running up and down the stairs, playing video games, laughing, fighting, playing with trains and swords and Star Wars helmets.


There’s nothing remarkable happening.  Nothing worth talking about. 


Jay comes downstairs to where CC and I are sitting.


He’s holding a Thomas train toy in his hand.


He starts to look around for a few seconds.  Then says …




He moves a jacket, a pillow and a few other miscellaneous items around and finds a Percy toy.


He then looks at me and says …




I move over to help him look and it turns out I’m sitting on a Toby train.




Jay non-chalantly gathers his toys up and goes back upstairs. 


Just like that it was over. 


The other 2 adults are still talking and sipping wine oblivious to what’s going on.


For me, it’s like time stood still for a minute.

Did that really just happen? 

CC and I look at each other.


Nothing needs to be said but I can’t NOT say anything.


“Did you just hear that?”


“He asked for what he wanted”

     “Mm Hmm”

“He told us what he was looking for”


“That’s big”


“Oh my God.  That’s the 1st time he’s done that”

     “I know”

“That’s a blog post right there”

     “Ah boy”


After that, life went on as usual.  It was something so small.  Just 2 words.  It could so easily have been missed.  But it was so HUGE in the middle of what was an ordinary day.  Something that made the day turn out to be anything but ordinary.  Something that shows me the possibilities.  Something that makes me know without a doubt that he’s getting there.  It’s slow but it’s happening.  Jay has said some words before but not to ask for anything and not without prompting.  He will repeat things we say or things he hears on TV.  He will sing songs.  But that was the 1st time he has ever initiated a conversation.  It was the 1st time he ever used his words to communicate in any effective way.  It’s happening.  It’s really happening.


2 Responses to “Ercy and Oby”

  1. Jonathan Taylor Says:

    I remember when my son, who has autism, first started saying “yes” and “no.” It was a big day. Congrats!

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