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Normal October 28, 2011

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What do I know about normal? I mean, I don’t see a lot of that around these parts.  I know that my “normal” is not the normal, normal.  Know what I mean?  But dare I say things have been pretty darn typical lately.  Nothing is screaming at me to get written about.  You’d think with all that we did over the last couple of weeks or so I’d have lots to tell you but I just don’t.

I went away and spent a weekend with a girlfriend who I adore and left both boys at home with CC.  That definitely wasn’t my normal.  I never do that.  I had a great time and came home to no news.  Great!  I will have to do that more often.

We went pumpkin picking.  Yup, with the hay ride and everything.  It started off with everyone being in a good mood and I got a couple good pictures, but by the end of it, Jay got pretty cranky and was ready to go home.  I think that was pretty normal though.  He is still a 3 year old and he was exhausted so a little crankiness is normal right?  And no I’m not making excuses.  I know he was tired because it was his regular nap time and I’m pretty sure he fell asleep before we made it out the parking lot.

Last weekend we hosted a 2 night sleep over for a high school friend of mine and his 2 boys, ages 3 and 5 also.  We spent 1 day at the park, which included kite flying, lots of running around and climbing and swinging and bird chasing and ice-cream eating.  We My friend carved pumpkins, the men and boys played video games, the kids played with trains and swords (not real ones in case anyone from child protective services is reading this).  There was even some book reading as the 2, 5 year olds wanted to show off their newly acquired skills.   The weekend was fun but very tiring.  I expected it to be very overwhelming for Jay.  He had nowhere to escape to for peace and quiet.  Other boys were playing with his toys and even sleeping in his bed. Yet, there was only 1 tantrum  and it was not thrown by either of my 2.  There was 1 physical fight over a toy and instead of breaking it up, CC said … “Please fight where I can see you”.  Again, please don’t report us to child protective services.  The visit was a giant success and I’m sure it will get repeated soon.  Yup, we did something that normal families do and it worked.  I do have to give credit to my friend who gets it and gets Jay and gets us.  He and his boys were very accommodating and understanding and not judgmental and didn’t treat my son like a circus side show act.

Let’s see, what else?  Jay started his new therapy.  He’s been twice already and already has the therapist wrapped around his finger.  He’s a charmer for sure.  No news there.  He’s trying really hard to say words and has mastered a few.  He’s very proud of himself too.  Several times a day he brings me a pair of shoes, holds it up and says “shoes”.  I won’t list out all the words he says now but some of it is kind of baffling.  Like, he can say door very clearly, but has a hard time saying dog.  He also, for some strange reason thinks that frogs make the sound “asha” not ribbit.

Ace had a little incident at school where he got in trouble for hitting a girl but it turns out she ran into him (by accident) and he instinctly spun around and hit her.  We had to have a talk about that and he got no recess at school.  They almost banned him from Halloween activities but he got out of that one.   What a bummer that would’ve been.  Jay goes to school quite easily most of the time but sometimes he would rather stay home and watch TV.  On those days it’s harder to get him dressed and out the door.  But come on, who wouldn’t rather stay home?  Especially now that the temperatures are falling.  It actually snowed this morning.  Boo!!!  (lol @ myself.  I said Boo and Halloween is 3 days away).

So there you have it … lots of stuff happened and none of it is worth talking about so sorry for wasting your time. Check back again next time.

Wait … you know what?  Maybe we’re not so normal.  Shouldn’t being normal be the norm?  Not the exception?  Oh well.  I love my normal but I also love when we get to be like everyone else.


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  1. Yeah for normal and YEAH for you!

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