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Halloween 2011 November 1, 2011

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Halloween was fun!  Except for the part where Jay missed his school parade and his school party because we had to take him to the doctor 1st thing in the morning.  Since I like you guys and I want you to keep reading my blog, I’ll spare you all the gross details of what was going on with his nose.  Let’s just say he is now on antibiotics and he’s feeling much better. 

 Back to Halloween being fun. 

A cowgirl (me), what he says was a robber (CC), Iron Man and Superman went trick or treating yesterday.  Iron Man because Ace would have it no other way.  Superman because … well … we live in Autism world so there could not be any costumes that involve masks, head pieces, face paint, or props.  We went with the amazing Nanas and her 2 cousins and we all had a great time.  BOTH Jay and Ace loved running up to people’s houses and collecting candy.  I loved seeing them so happy.  I tried to snap a few pictures but I don’t think they will capture the energy properly.  Due to a most unusual snow storm in October, Jay could stomp through the snow on peoples lawns rather walking on the boring old pavement to get from house to house.  My boy loves to play in snow so that just added to the fun.   

No-one in my household is a big fan of chocolate.  (Don’t go into shock).  I know, it’s a little (or a lot) strange.   Ace will eat it, but he’d prefer a gummy worm or a sour patch kid any day.  Jay won’t go near the stuff at all.  He didn’t even want it in his bucket.  When he got chocolate he would hand it to me to carry.  That was pretty funny.  Somehow he managed to get a bag full of stuff that he loves.  A whole pack of twizzlers, starburst, skittles, lollipops etc.  *cough* Nanas *cough*

The whole thing was just a big bag of fun.  And to top it off nicely for Mummy and Daddy, the kids were exhausted by the time we got home and they fell asleep very early. 

This is a far cry from Halloweens past.  Well, not so much for Ace I guess.  He has always been a people person.  He’s also always been a candy person.  He loves everything to be dramatic.  As far as he’s concerned, the more you get to act silly and dress up, the better.   So it seems Halloween was tailor made for him.  The 1st time he went trick or treating he was 13 months old and he stole the show in his Tigger costume.  He ate up all the attention.  He jumped in head 1st

For Jay, it wasn’t love at 1st fright.  (tee hee)  2 years ago, he was not at all interested in Halloween.  He flat out refused to walk up to people and get candy.  Granted, then he was only 21 months old but still.  Last year he was into it a little bit but not all the way.  A little like sitting on the side of a pool and dangling your feet in the water but there’s no way you’re getting your head wet.  But this year … this year there was visible excitement.  As soon as he realized where we were and what we were there for, he was ready to go.  He ran, not walked, up to peoples front doors (sometimes we had to hold him back from going inside their houses).  When he wasn’t sure what direction we were heading next, he stopped and asked in his own Jay way, “what way?”  He loved the candy and the walking/running and the snow and he smiled for a picture with Nanas.  (I think that was a 1st for her)

It really was great to see him enjoying the evening so much.  I didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween but it’s quickly becoming a favourite event of mine because my sons LOVE it.  I hope yours was just as fun and that you didn’t have any doctors visits. 

I can’t wait for Christmas!!!


3 Responses to “Halloween 2011”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I remember Ace in his Tigger costume so cute! I should send you some English or even French chocolate and you should all change your minds! We tasted chocolate when were in the states and were almost sick, it’s very, errm, different!

  2. Flannery Says:

    Your family is the complete opposite of mine. We think Skittles and gummy candies are junk, and we covet anything chocolate. We should just mail each other the unwanted candy from our buckets!

    Sounds like a great Halloween. Glad it went well for all of you.

  3. Luna Says:

    So glad you had a good time! yes, we have dealt with the face paint and masks issues. my son wants the mask costume, but once it’s here cannot be persuaded to don the mask. it takes days of talking and encouraging before he’ll wear anything. thankfully, he’s getting older. last year was harry potter (just some glasses needed) and this year it was commando man (whatever the hell that means). he had the beat down and always said thank you. one year, he spent the entire night telling anyone who gave him candy ‘enjoy your candy’. which caused a couple of eyebrows to furrow. but whatever, lol.

    rock on, mama!

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