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Routine Shmoutine November 2, 2011

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My kids go to bed at 7:30. That’s wind down time.

Lights go out between 8 and 8:30.

It’s like that every night, no matter where we are.

We’ve always had a routine. We’re that kind of family.

It works for us and I recommend it to every new Mom.

Last night was no different. Bedroom to unwind at 7:30. Lights went out at 8.


The hubby and I made tea, got a blanket and set ourselves up on the couch to watch the latest episode of Dexter.


It’s 9pm.

We hear a little voice.

“Daddy, can I use the bathroom?”


After a semi-annoyed sigh, Hubby gets up to let Ace use the bathroom.


From behind Ace, out runs a little boy in Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas.

He jumps on me, gets under my blanket, and lays down with his head resting on my shoulder.  Then he pulls my arm around him. 

This is NOT ok according to our routine.

They’ve tried all kinds of tricks before to stay up late. None have worked.

He smells delicious. He looks delicious. He feels delicious. I’m loving every moment of this cuddle session.

Ace, comes out of the bathroom and is a little confused. He’s not sure what’s going on or why it’s being allowed to happen.

He’s smart though. He doesn’t verbalize the questions I see in his eyes.

He too jumps on the couch with me and snuggles in under the blanket.  I close my eyes and push all “they should be in bed” thoughts from my mind and just soak up their closeness.  I’m trying not to have a big grin on my face but it’s seeping out anyway.  I can’t control it.   


I don’t know what was on the TV at this point.  For all I know it was still on Dexter and my kids are now watching a serial killer in action.  I hope not. 

In that moment, all I could think was how much I love these boys and I love having them WANT to cuddle with me.  I know it’s such a gift.  I know so many people don’t have that gift.  I feel blessed.


CC has been relegated to another couch.

Ace is happy. Jay is smiling and humming a tune I don’t recognize. 

A tiny little head pops up off my shoulder, looks me straight in the eyes and says “oose”.

Oh no, not juice. He’s already brushed his teeth. I can’t break that rule.


“No baby, no juice. “

CC asks “would you like some water?”

“NO!  Oose”

I can’t take it. I’m weak. He’s just too adorable.  HE’S TALKING TO US.  ASKING FOR WHAT HE WANTS.

CC tells him to take Ace and get what he wants.

My 2 little men disappear to the kitchen.


CC and I exchange a look. Is this really happening? Are they really up, hanging out with us now, and getting juice?


They return with a cup and a box of juice.

CC pours for them and they get back into position on the couch.

When his cup is empty, Jay says “Finish. Oose”

Ahm, is he saying the juice is finished or is he asking for more juice? I’m not sure.

Again he says “oose” and hands his cup and the juice box to CC.

He gets a top-up and he’s back on the couch.


This lasts for about a half an hour and then 2 tired little boys start to get fidgety.

That’s when it was back to bed for them.


Nothing about that was ok. The juice after teeth brushing. The coming back to hang out after going to bed. The kicking hubby out of his spot 🙂

 But oh, it was such a treat.

For me, not for the kids.


4 Responses to “Routine Shmoutine”

  1. Brinabird Says:

    Lol! I’m always breaking the rules in this house…and well daddy is even worse!

  2. Grace Says:

    I broke my own cardinal rule this past weekend and allowed my son to sleep in my bed with me. We were snuggled up together watching the football game on Sunday night, and he feel asleep. It was sweet, and he’s too heavy to carry anymore, so I left him there. Now he thinks he’s gonna “crash at my place” (as he puts it) every night.

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