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Letters November 15, 2011

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It’s kind of been “The Ace Show” around here lately huh? Well, hopefully you’re not tired of it cause here’s another one.


Ace has been learning to read and write in school. He’s very excited about it and even asks to do it at home just for fun. The other day we were having a lazy morning and he decided to write down some words that he knows.  As he was finished with each page he proudly read the words out loud to me.

Ace:  “Yellow, Green, Blue

Me: “Very good


Ace: “She, Want, Big, Red

Me: “Wonderful. Good job baby


Ace: ” You, We, Train, Cartoons, Big

Me: “Ahm, you got you, we, train and big right, but that’s not how you spell cartoons.  That’s just letters.

Ace: “Ohhh ok, I got it.  Let me start over.  You, We, Train, Letters, Big


(Somehow, I don’t think he really got it)


One Response to “Letters”

  1. Michelle Says:

    haha! Very good, i’m impressed, clever boy xxx

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