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A Thanksgiving Day Break November 24, 2011

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I had no intention of blogging today and I won’t be here long.  But you see … today is Thanksgiving Day and I couldn’t with a clear conscience leave the last post I did as my home page all weekend.  The last post was a bit depressing and that’s not at all the mood today.


I had a busy but good 3 days at work.  I came home yesterday and watched my 2 boys play happily together.  I did some preparation for today and then had a good nights sleep.  As if that wasn’t enough, this morning, the hubby went and got Dunkin Donuts without me asking.  I turned MY music on loud and set to cooking.


So as I steal a few minutes to type this … My turkey is in the oven.  My ham is in the oven.  My rice is on the stove and all the other sides are either waiting for me to start on them or my dear sister will bring them when she comes over.  My hubby is going back and forth between lounging on the couch and cleaning up and ignoring my requests for him to do stuff.  My 2 darling boys are playing and watching a Pooh Bear movie and I feel good.


Later, I will enjoy dinner with my husband, children, sister, sisters boyfriend and a good friend.


It shouldn’t take Thanksgiving Day to make us feel grateful for our blessings but it’s nice that we have these moments that bring us together and make us stop and acknowledge our many good fortunes.


If you’re in the mood for a Jamaican style Thanksgiving dinner, feel free to stop by. If not … then I hope you are all having a wonderful day with your loved ones.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all and may Peace and Blessings rain down on you!!!


Gotta go … I hear Michael Buble singing to me, I have clean kids clothes to put away and my plantains need frying 🙂


6 Responses to “A Thanksgiving Day Break”

  1. Grace Says:

    What, no ackee??

    Happy Thanksgiving. Hope your turkey is perky.

  2. Michelle Says:

    I bet it’s all delicious!! Yum plaintain and rice and peas I assume?! Happy Thanksgiving again x

  3. Mike Says:

    Michelle said it all. Have a wonderful time..

  4. rhemashope Says:

    oh, you had me at the last three words! i lived in Panama for 5 years when i was a little girl and we lived on plantain and no one can make it the way our babysitter used to do it. she’d either make it thin and crispy or thick and smash it with a glass before frying. i miss it!

    i love this post. hope you and your precious family had a happy thanksgivng!

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