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The love November 28, 2011

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On Saturday I heard Jay for the 1st time say Ace’s name.  He was mimicking something I said but I had never heard him say it before.  I made a big deal about it of course.  I made sure that Ace recognized it too. 


Me: “Did you hear that baby?  He said your name.  It was so clear.”

Ace: “I did.  I did hear it.  Daddy, Jay said my name.”


I want Ace to share in all the special things that we experience with Jay.  I want him to know that Jay doesn’t just make his life difficult.  I want him to know that Jay doesn’t only make him have to compromise.  I want him to know that Jay isn’t there just to stress us out.  I want him to celebrate the little (BIG) things with us.  I want him to know that Jay values him.  I want him to know that Jay cares about him and loves him even though it’s not usually obvious.  I need him to cherish his brother.


Also, on Saturday CC asked me if I’ve heard Jay say “I love you” as yet.  I told him I hadn’t.  He said at night when he tucks Jay in and tells him that he loves him Jay says it back.  What??? I want to hear it too.  But it’s progress so I’ll take it … even if I’m a little bit (A LOT) jealous.



On Sunday, I took Ace to a birthday party and apparently Jay spent a good portion of the afternoon asking for “ishps” (cheesy pringles .. aka chips).  He also was going around the apartment looking for Ace and calling his name.  That’s big. 

He wasn’t just imitating.  He was using his words proactively.  He wanted chips so he asked for it and got it.  He missed his brother.  He WANTED him there. 


As we got them ready for bed last night, CC again told me that he told Jay good night and that he loves him and Jay said “I love you”.  I go in the kids room.  Ace is already asleep.  I cuddle with Jay a little bit and softly whisper to him that I love him.  I run my hand over his head, feel him pull my arm around him, tell him 3 more times that I love him and then … (drum roll please) … he holds up his Thomas train to my face and says … “Thomas”.


6 Responses to “The love”

  1. Mike Says:


  2. Michelle Says:

    lovely stories, kids never say the words you want them to say on command do they?!!

  3. I’m seriously wondering if CC is lying about Jay telling him that he loves him. lol.

  4. […] I may have waited longer than CC did to hear Jay say I love you, but that’s ok now because it was spontaneous and initiated by Jay.  He wasn’t just repeating what he heard.  I win! Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post.   Leave a Comment […]

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