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Off to a good start December 22, 2011

I have a lot to tell you and no patience so I’m going to squeeze what could easily be 2 posts into 1 post.


The holiday weekend is off to a banging start.  Jay and I had a truly fabulous time at my jobs pot luck today.  He was friendly as friendly as I’ve ever seen him.  He ran around and gave hi-fives and played “chase” with the other little ones and he laughed.  Oh how he laughed.  He got into a bouncy house for the 1st time ever.  There have been previous opportunities but he just was never interested before.  Today, he climbed in without any encouragement and jumped and squealed and laughed some more. He even got me to go inside the bouncy house with him. I didn’t need any encouragement either.  He said “cheese” when my co-workers asked him to smile for the camera.  He ate pretzels.  He sat on Santa’s lap and collected a gift.  He played soccer with my co-workers (friends) and even though he definitely did NOT want to share the ball with the other kids, he was easy to distract when I felt like he needed to give others a chance.  When it was time to go, we packed up and left without a fuss.


Everyone kept telling me how cute he is and how well-behaved he is and how happy he looks.

My kid.


A year ago we were at this same event.  A year ago I heard the words … “that’s the best form of birth control I tell ya” and I heard “i know it’s pot luck but I’m trying to get a little work done. can’t you make him cut out that noise?” and I heard “you need to do something about him before I do something“.  I will never forget those words.  They ring loud and clear in my head.  They sting as much now as they did a year ago.  I was terrified of bringing him this year and having a repeat performance.

I’m so so glad that I fought my own fear and gave him a chance and allowed him to have fun today.




It’s typical here for kids and their teachers to exchange small Christmas presents.  I also picked up a little something for Jay’s therapist.  I hear from CC how much Jay loves her and that’s all I need to know.  I’m a fan of anyone who is good to my children.


On their way out of therapy yesterday, CC was stopped by the secretary/receptionist who presented Jay with a gift.  I hadn’t gotten her anything.  It just didn’t cross my mind.  I didn’t think that she had any real interaction with Jay.  How could she?  She sees hundreds of kids parade through that place.  But she got a Christmas present for my Jay.  I heard through the grapevine (also known as CC) that she has taken a special liking to Jay and he’s become one of her favourites.

My kid.

Not only did she get him a gift, she clearly put thought into it and she clearly really knows my son.  She didn’t get some random truck or candy.  She got him a Thomas the Tank engine toy. That’s all kinds of awesome!


As I’m sure is the case with all the kids in his class, Jay came home from school yesterday with his gift from his teacher.  The one and only Ms L.  Seriously, she has been a God send.  Today, she called me on my cell to ask if someone could come to the school because she had picked up something else for Jay also  since he is her special, special one and she just loves him so much.

My son.


Every parent likes to hear good things about their children.  But for some of us, it’s so much more than just words.  It means the world.


I feel like I’ve already gotten my Christmas present this year.  It’s not about the gifts that people bought him.  My son has people rooting for him and he has people who don’t see his disability and he has people who look beyond the times when he’s not pleasant and they love him.  That’s a gift no amount of money can buy.



6 Responses to “Off to a good start”

  1. Michelle Says:

    beautiful, now you’ve made me cry! Merry Christmas to all of you xxxx

  2. Every year that you crunch past, gives you a new lease on retrospection. Keep rolling!

  3. Grace Says:

    You ARE off to a good start! This is all great news. Merry Christmas to you and your family! It is wonderful that you have real-life angels rooting for your son.

  4. rhemashope Says:

    so glad!

    i can’t believe people said those things last year. it makes me appreciate even more your courage.

    go Jay! you are a special, special one.

  5. Tanisia M. Says:

    Its so clear that God has given Jay a special gift…a beautiful spirit! Then a mother specially created to nurture, care for, and love him!

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