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Where are Daddy? December 30, 2011

Things keep happening that I think I should tell you about and that I want to tell you about.  The problem is that I can’t organize them properly in my brain.


Let’s see? …


There was the time the other day in Target when I was with the 2 boys and CC had gone off to look for something.  When Jay realized that CC wasn’t with us he said (in a very deep voice) “Where are Daddy?

That in itself was enough to make me almost burst into tears right there in between the beauty products and the vitamins.  My heart started beating faster.  I felt warm and fuzzy all through my body.  I was grinning from ear to ear.

When CC came back to us Jay said, “There (or maybe it was here) you are.”


Thrilling.  Amazing.  So great to hear. I kept replaying it in my head all day and the next day and the day after that.  Yesterday I told a friend of mine who knows how hard we’ve worked at this and I must say, it really is wonderful to share things like this with people who share the joy with you.




There’s also the story that Jay ate 3 bites of cake from my friend on Christmas morning.  We were all so shocked no-one spoke a word.  We just looked around the table at each other and shrugged our shoulders, or raised our eyebrows and tried to pretend like it was all totally normal.  (Should I tell you that it was traditional Jamaican Christmas cake so there were fruits in it that had been soaked in alcohol?  No I think I’ll skip that part.  I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a bad Mummy.)

Then this morning he ate scrambled eggs.  OK, well CC was eating eggs and he offered Jay some and Jay took 1 bite and then another.  He ended up having 4 mouthfuls.  I never thought I’d be so excited to see my child eat cake and eggs.

*As a quick update, we’re not going to go through with the eating disorder hospital.  Insurance won’t cover it since Jay hasn’t been diagnosed with anything that makes eating difficult.  It’s rather expensive and his blood work came back showing that he’s not malnourished.  (Thumbs up!)


What else? …

I know I’ve told you before that Jay has good balance and that he’s coordinated but my friends, he has taken it to another level.   It’s quite amazing to see him with a football.  He’s good at kicking around a soccer ball too but in this case I mean he’s good, really good with an American football.  He can tackle, and he can take a hit and he can hug the ball and run and if he falls he won’t let go of the ball.  He can throw the ball up in the air really REALLY high and then catch it back.  And he ENJOYS it.

I don’t know if he will be able to ever be on a team.  I don’t know how these skills will manifest themselves in the future but for now I love watching him play.

I love that he has eaten a couple of new things.

I love that he’s putting words together and making real sentences.




I haven’t forgotten about Christmas.  I’ll tell you all about it in another post.  I just felt like telling you about the good stuff today.  About Christmas, all I will say right now is that …

Good friends > Difficult autism behaviours







One Response to “Where are Daddy?”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I totally get how you feel when he tries a new food. Laila is a difficult eater, having read your other post on what Jay eats she doesn’t seem too bad, but she’s a lot more difficult than most of her peers. Anyway, more recently she has finally started trying new foods, just from time and time and always when you least expect it! I nearly cried on Christmas Eve when she ate a meatball and said she liked it!!!!

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