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A Happy Ending (Think clean thoughts. LOL) December 31, 2011

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Today has been great.



CC, Ace, Jay and I have been home all day.

There has been soooooo much silliness and laughter and tickling and rough and tumble play.

It’s New Years Eve.

We’re not making any plans to get drunk or party the night away.

As I type this, it’s 2pm, and we’re all still in PJ’s.

We’re just loving being with each other.


Today has been a great!


Christmas was one week ago and I’ve really procrastinated on blogging about it.

It wasn’t terrible.

I really LOVED spending the weekend with my family/friends that I grew up with.

Ace had enough fun to last him well into 2012.

CC did everything he could to foster fun and to help keep Jay fuss-free.

Jay was a bit cranky.  It could have been worse.  There weren’t any tears etc.  He just wasn’t his happiest.  I think he really would have just preferred to be home.

Our hosts were so great through it all.  They never once made us feel like we were ruining their day or causing them to have a Christmas less happy than what they hoped for.

There really and truly is nothing better than being with people who love you and want you around no matter what.


So in the spirit of focusing on what’s good and ending the year on a high note and starting 2012 in a good frame of mind, here are some pictures of our Christmas weekend.


Thomas flash cards.  Wonderful!


Who doesn’t love giant cupcakes.  There was also a giant gingerbread mountain but I’m saving you from seeing that picture.


Bouncy Fun.  A first.


1.5 seconds on Santa’s lap.  I’ll take it.


No caption needed here.


Or here.


You haven’t lived if you haven’t had a helicopter land on your head.  🙂


Or slid down a flight of stairs on your belly.


Or flown through the air courtesy of your Mom’s very cool Uncle.


Or stuffed yourself silly with an amazingly delicious Jamaican breakfast.


Or been surrounded by way more tracks than you could ever possibly need.







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