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It really is quite amazing … January 1, 2012

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… how what was a pretty miserable afternoon for a reason only Jay knows, can turn on it’s head in the blink of an eye, by 1 little boy coming to find me where I’m lying down watching TV, cupping my face in his soft little hands, resting his forehead against my forehead, and then kissing me.  This same little boy will then get up and begin jumping on the bed and laugh a big, whole body laugh.  I will then sit up and the little boy, who 2 minutes before was crying and saying “NO” to everything and throwing himself on the couch will then sit on my lap and push me backwards.  We will both giggle and repeat the straddled-fall-over several times.


All the crying seems like a dream and all seems right with the world.


1/2 an hour later, 2 little boys, who hadn’t napped all day will be whiney and they will fight over toys and they will get clumsy since they are tired so they will cry easily if they step on a stray train or if they bump their head into a door nob.

A mummy and a daddy will tuck them in bed and everyone will get hugs and kisses and the 2 little boys will drift off to sleep and the difficult time leading up to bedtime will seem like a distant memory.


The boys are cozy and comfy.  Mummy and Daddy have a moment to relax and all seems right with the world.


As my family and I make our way into this new year, I have a feeling that it will be a lot like this afternoon and evening.

There will be moments when we are not happy.  Bad things will undoubtedly hit us when we aren’t expecting it.  We will find ourselves faced with serious issues that we’d rather not deal with.

But …

The hard times won’t last.

They will be replaced eventually by joyous, wondrous, beautiful moments that will take our breath away and give us the strength to get through the rough patches when they rear their ugly little heads.


2 Responses to “It really is quite amazing …”

  1. “the hard times won’t last” Exactly! I am trying to keep that in mind more often too. glad to see you had a good holiday overall!

  2. I am thankful for the wondrous, preposterous, joyous, and maddening event that is parenthood, wifedom, and life in general.

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