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Your Opinion Doesn’t Count January 4, 2012

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Hey You … The jackass at Dunkin Donuts (DD) who thinks he knows everything there is to know about raising MY son.  You got something to say?  Say it to someone else.  Who do you think you are passing judgment on my son?  Well, you messed with the wrong kid today.  This kid has a Dad who doesn’t take sh*t from anyone.  Especially someone trying to make it seem like he’s a bad father.

I’m sorry for that little rant but I needed to get it out.


It had to happen.   It happens to families like mine and maybe yours all the time.

You see, I’m at work today.  Trying to be productive. (Really I was).  I get a phone call from CC who tells me that on their way to school today, Jay got very excited as they drove by Dunkin Donuts.  CC interpreted that as Jay’s way of politely asking for donuts … so in they went.


Now for those of you who don’t frequent a Dunkin Donuts, I’ll let you know that in addition to regular donuts with the holes in them, they also sell munchkins which are small donut balls and the kids love them.  They usually have big plastic cups on the counter with about 8 munchkins inside. You can also buy them in 4’s or 12’s or 50’s.

CC ordered a sandwich for himself and an order of 4 munchkins for Jay.  The nice lady behind the counter put the munchkins in a little white bag and handed it to Jay.  We’ve never gotten white bags before. DD uses brown bags.  Brown.  As it turns out, little man didn’t like the white bag.  He wanted the usual brown bag.


I’m sorry, my kid isn’t as flexible as yours is. He likes things to be predictable. So the eff what?


Well, there were no brown bags so Jay, got a bit angry and after some prompting from CC (became very accommodating and) opted for the big plastic cup.  He was damned if he was going to use that white bag.


The jackass (I ranted about at the top) making CC’s sandwich, felt it necessary to say to CC  “back in my day, I would’ve gotten a whooping for behaving like that.”


Why do people do that?

I don’t know for sure what I would’ve done or said had I been there.  But I do know the guy would’ve had it easier.  My CC doesn’t take kindly to ANYONE speaking ill of his kids or of his parenting skills.  If you haven’t read about it before then please click HERE and read about last years Fathers Day fiasco.


CC went off on the guy telling him to shut the %&#! up mind his %&#!-ing business and that if he would’ve gotten a whooping over donuts then something is wrong with his mother.  He went on to say it’s cold, everyone’s back to work and school which no-one is happy about so instead of talking sh*t, all dude needs to do is make his bleeping sandwich so he can leave.

There were a few other choice words and the nice lady behind the counter had to jump in and calm the situation down.


I’m not saying that CC was right.  The language was not appropriate especially in front of Jay.  There probably was a better, more diplomatic way to handle that.  Maybe CC could’ve educated the guy on what tolerance means.  Maybe he could’ve told him that Jay has autism and shed some light on what that means in real life.  But I AM saying that people need to just mind their business if they have nothing good to say or if they don’t have a genuine interest in helping.  We don’t need or want to hear your opinion.  If you have kids, and they are perfect little angels and would never get loud in a DD then good for you.  As for us, we have other issues, and I’m just happy my kid is eating your stupid donuts, so if you don’t mind we’d prefer it if you keep your ignorant comments to yourself.


Now I’m mad that I spent 5 minutes of a day that was off to a very productive start to write about you and your bullsh*t.

Thanks a lot!

Oh and there’s a DD on every street corner here so we will NOT be coming back to yours.



7 Responses to “Your Opinion Doesn’t Count”

  1. I’m sorry, I often wonder why people can’t just have the decency to talk about me behind my back, how hard is that. I don’t care what you think, just don’t bother me with it.
    Anyway, I adore what CC said about “that if he would’ve gotten a whooping over donuts then something is wrong with his mother.” that’s the real truth in so many of these situations. It’s heartbreaking to think of all the kids who have had to endure having these behaviors beaten out of them by stupid, ignorant people.

    • Deenie Says:

      lol. Yup, “I often wonder why people can’t just have the decency to talk about me behind my back”. I wish I had put that line in the post.

  2. Michelle Says:

    I don’t know if I agree, sometimes I find people give you a look but don’t say anything and that’s worse (this could be a european thing!). I want them to ask a. why it’s ok for my kid to have no hat and gloves on outside when it’s freezing, or b. why my kids are screaming when we leave the supermarket. If they asked me instead of giving a look, then I could explain a. you try putting a hat or gloves on him and see if it stays there wiseass (like my american-ism there?!), and b. because the stupid supermarket think it’s a great idea to put a ride on tigger boat at the exit, my kids never want to leave!

    • Deenie Says:

      I do like the American-ism. lol. I hate those ride-ons at the supermarket too. I give a speech before we leave the car to go in. “We’re not going on any rides ok?” It works sometimes.

  3. Grace Says:

    Yeah, there probably was a more diplomatic way of handling it, but I don’t care. Your hubs rocks.

    • Deenie Says:

      Oh and my hubs has a pretty thick Trinidadian accent so I’m not even sure Mr DD had any idea what was actually said to him. It must have been a sight to see.

  4. […] had written a post about a guy at Dunkin Donuts passing judgments on Jay and CC.  In it, I said that instead of giving us their opinions on our parenting skills, people should […]

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