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Indulge Me January 5, 2012

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Maybe 1 day I won’t feel the need to tell you every little new thing that Jay does.

Today is not that day.  I just get so excited about each bit of progress.  It makes me feel proud and hopeful.


Jay took it upon himself to brush his own teeth a couple of nights ago.  He actually did a decent job of it too.  Of course, I took a picture but it’s still sitting in my camera and is not available right now, but you believe me don’t you?


He also is getting much better with his pencil grip.  No longer does he hold it like this,

now he holds it more like this



He’s showing appreciation.  Need an example.  He has discovered a youtube video that he LOVES.  I’ll even link to it later so you can see what I mean.  (I need to get the video out of my phone and onto the laptop).  When the video is over, he asks me to “press” which means replay and then once he sees that it’s starting over he pushes me away and applauds me. Then I say “you’re welcome“.


Last but most certainly not least, he pooped in the toilet yesterday.  I may be exaggerating a little bit but let me have this one.  He sat for a very long time and then an ever so small amount of poop made it’s way into the toilet.  I hooted and hollered and kissed and hi-fived so he would know that it was a good thing.  I don’t know if it will happen again anytime soon but I really am hoping that he will make the connection between pee, poop and the toilet.  He’s almost 4 (next week) and wears size 5 diapers and while I’m still OK with changing him now, I don’t much like the idea of changing his diapers for the rest of his life.  *Fingers crossed*




4 Responses to “Indulge Me”

  1. sarahnicole8 Says:

    Congrats on the brushing teeth and pooping in the toilet, big accomplishments! I was starting to wonder if my son would ever get toilet trained (he turns 6 on sunday), but we are actually getting there. It’s school holidays at the moment, and over the last week or so he has started pooing in the toilet!!! More then just very occassionally, which was were we at for most of the year. It’s pretty much most days…I’m still taking him, prompting him, but for wees he will sometimes totally blow me away by taking himself!!! All that hard work and patience does really pay off. This is the year he gets toilet trained I’ve decided. At least I hope, and I hope that happens for you too.

    • Deenie Says:

      CONGRATS to you guys for the (almost) potty training and happy birthday to your guy when it comes. And thanks for the encouragement (and hope). I love to hear from people who are a little further along in this than we are.

  2. Tanisia M. Says:

    I hope you don’t ever feel the need to stop sharing ALL of Jay’s successes!!!! Congratulations from a member of the “J” fan club!!!! i hope I get to meet this little guy in person some day! It means a lot when your able to share the struggles too because then I know how to pray your family! Here’s to more potty moments in 2012 🙂

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