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Everything’s Funny January 12, 2012

Jay is now in a stage where he thinks everything is funny.  That leaves me tangled up inside.  I LOVE more than ANYTHING to hear my children laughing.  It is by far my favourite sound in the whole world.  The responsible, adult part of me realizes that him being silly is not always appropriate.  But come on, my son has spent and still spends so much of his 4 years being frustrated and screaming and aggravated that it makes me wonder how wrong can his laughing be.


At therapy this week, he wanted no part of learning.  All he wanted to do was goof off.  He even found putting his jacket on hilarious.  Therapy is not really the time to be giggly.  The therapist’s time is valuable.  We fought long and hard to get him this service.  Starting next week he’ll be there even more.  CC has taken time off work (which he doesn’t get paid for) to provide transportation and be there with him.  He thinks we need to get stricter with Jay and let him know that type of behaviour is not acceptable all the time.  I am like “So the kid was happy, he’s allowed to have 1 off day. No?


We’re at the doctors office last night and while in the waiting room, Jay starts sticking his pinky in his nose and then giggling.  Every time I take his finger out, he puts it back and cracks up.  If I ignore him, he doesn’t like it.  Apparently it’s only funny if I see that his finger is up his nose and I take it out.  CC tells him to be quiet.  We’re in a waiting room after all and no-one else is making any noise.  Probably cause they’re not feeling well.  I think, who doesn’t like to hear a kid laugh?  It’s probably making them happy to hear him. Yeah, he’s making them feel better.  So I keep pulling the finger out of the nose.


I take the kids to Wendy’s for nuggets and fries while we wait for CC to finish an appointment.  When we get back to the parking lot, I decide to wait with the kids in the car until CC is done.  They eat their nuggets.  (JAY ATE 4 NUGGETS).  Then Jay starts to play with the air freshener that is hanging on the window handle.  Ace, who often thinks he’s the boss of Jay, says “stop it” and that sends Jay into fits of laughter.  That then becomes the game.  Jay lets go and then starts playing with it again so Ace can tell him to stop it and he belly laughs. The elastic string eventually breaks and Ace looks at me expecting me to be cross.  I am.  Not at Jay for breaking the string.  I’m mad at the string for breaking and putting an end to this game.


In my head, I know this is not really funny.  I know he shouldn’t get pleasure from being a therapy slacker or being loud in public or being destructive.  I know he shouldn’t put his finger in his nose and that he should follow instructions when he’s told to stop and those words shouldn’t illicit laughing but my God, I just can’t get my heart to understand that.


There are times we will be driving down the street and Jay will just start laughing.  We have no idea what he’s laughing at.  I would love to know, but the bottom line is, I just love that he’s happy.  No matter the time or place or situation.


3 Responses to “Everything’s Funny”

  1. Cat Says:

    Great post! My heart and head are constantly in a fight over our Gina. Why do we have to force her to use structured play when she’s so happy just “reading” the picture on the DVD cover?
    You put it very well.

  2. It’s funny with the therapies, because we are requiring so much more of our ‘delayed’ kids than we do of our other kids at that age when they are constantly being carted to these appts and yet I so relate to the panic of time and money being wasted when they aren’t ‘present’ at all times.
    So glad you are getting joy from his new stage and ‘slacking’!

  3. Mike Says:

    Laughter is the best medicine!! End of story!!

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