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4th Birthday Review January 19, 2012

Jay had a lovely birthday weekend.  We went to an indoor petting zoo in the city.  My sister met us there.  The kids had a good time although I was a little surprised that Jay was more interested in looking at the fish and the birds than actually feeding the rabbits or chickens.  I think he got turned off because the meanies (just kidding) who worked there wouldn’t let him actually get INSIDE the cages/pens with the animals.


Following that we went home and had cake and opened presents.  My sister was there for that too.  She really is a fantastic Auntie.  It’s not like she lives around the corner or anything.  She actually woke up very early on a Saturday to take a bus and then a train, and made the 1 hour commute to meet us in the city.  I’m telling you … that’s the stuff that makes the world go round.  That’s the stuff that you can’t take for granted.  Love her.


As far as the cake was concerned, lets just say we got our monies worth out of the candle.  Yup, the candle.  Jay was 0% interested in eating or cutting the cake.  He was 100% enthused with blowing out the candle so CC re-lit the candle way more times than I can count so that Jay could keep blowing it out.  Whatever.  It made him happy.  Jay I mean, not CC.


It was a holiday weekend here so we were all home on Monday as well.  On both Sunday and Monday we unexpectedly, but willingly had 2 other little boys with us.  1 neighbours son and 1 other neighbours nephew who was there visiting.  At one point, there was me with 4 adult men and 4 boys ages 3 to 6.  It was, ahm,  fun 🙂


The kids did have a great time with each other though.  They played with play doh, (which was messy and CC was not too happy about finding bits of it all over the floor and furniture).  They watched movies.  They played with trains (which I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you.  It’s what my kids do).  They built a fort/tent on the bottom bed of the bunk beds.  So much fun.  They ate pizza and nuggets (which Ace even dipped in ketchup because one of our visitors did).  Unheard of.  They stayed up late because the adults were up watching football and not paying attention to the time.  When he had had enough, we put Jay in our bed and he cuddled up with his toys and fell asleep.


We couldn’t have asked for anything more.  It was enough fun that I felt comfortable that we had celebrated Jay’s birthday sufficiently but it wasn’t so overwhelming that he couldn’t relax and actually enjoy it.  We spent time with family and friends.  My boys laughed a lot.  Jay showered us with kisses.  #HappyBirthday


2 Responses to “4th Birthday Review”

  1. rhemashope Says:

    Bless you to say being in a house with 4 men and 4 little boys is “fun.” =)
    Hooray for a Happy Birthday weekend!

  2. sarahnicole8 Says:

    Congrats on a great Birthday weekend…I think we all have to come to terms with the fact that our kids are comfortable celebrating on a different level. My NT daughter had a 3rd birthday with like 10 other special needs families and siblings, lots of fairy’s running around, but my ASD son’s 6th birthday this year it was alot quieter, still lovely though. Glad you and your family had a great weekend.

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