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A Lil Something February 20, 2012

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Starting 2 weeks ago …

Jay had a 24 hr stomach bug, Ace had a 24 hr stomach bug, Jay got pink eye, I got the flu and I got pink eye.

That brings us to last night when Jay threw up again.

Today … We are all feeling better.  YAY!


I really miss you guys so since I don’t have any stories ready to tell you I will show you 2 videos.


One, I had promised to share with you a long time ago.  It’s Jay singing a song that is all about animal sounds.  This was filmed a few weeks ago and he’s even better with that song now.  Now he says the name of the animal and then makes their sound.  I don’t have that on tape yet.

The other shows how much progress we have made as well as how far we still have to go.  (That’s like our family motto.  We have come so far/We have so far to go)

We have been working for years to get Jay to use his words.  He’s understood for a while now what we mean when we ask him “What do you want?”  The problem is that he would only ever answer by pulling us or pointing.  We have gotten him to a place now where he will tell us what he wants now but only with prompting.

That’s a good thing.  It’s a huge step in the right direction.  The slight down side to that is that he now repeats everything we say even when we’re not trying to help him answer our questions.  He’ll even repeat the questions themselvesI got him on tape imitating CC saying “What do you want?” after he answered correctly that he was holding a watch. 

(I hope that made sense.  If it didn’t, can we blame it on me not being 100% well? 🙂 )


I hope you enjoy these.



2 Responses to “A Lil Something”

  1. quirkyandlaughing Says:

    Oh is he CUTE! You have had a rough couple of weeks. I hope you’re all the clear.

  2. Michelle Says:

    glad you’re feeling better now. I love how much he loves that animal song! That smile is to die for!!


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