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Dressing Silly March 2, 2012

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1 issue we’ve never really had was getting the kids ready to go out.  I assume that’s because we have boys but I could be wrong.  In any case, we’ve always been able to throw any old thing on them and they would just wear it.  I do put a little effort into making them look presentable but if CC is the one doing the dressing you’re likely to see mis-matched tops and bottoms, shoes on the wrong feet, dirty socks, socks with holes in them, pants that are too short and definitely hats won’t match jackets and there will be no scarves or gloves. In his defense, he’s pretty good about brushing their hair and teeth.


The kids couldn’t care less about any of it.


As you may or may not know today is CC’s birthday.  It’s also Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  (Who keeps track of this stuff?  Schools do.)

Because it’s Dr Seuss’s birthday, they have had “fun” activities all week at school.

Fun for the kids … Just 1 more thing for the parents to sort out in the evenings.  (OK, I secretly LOVE all this stuff.  There I said it)

They’ve had silly pictures day and funny socks day and pajama day.

Today is “dress as silly as you can” day.


That sounds like fun.   But the next thing you know, it’s 10pm, you’re exhausted, it’s been a busy week, you haven’t had a moment to sit down since you got home, all the evening chores are done and you’re finally ready to relax … and then you remember you have done nothing to prepare a silly outfit for the next morning.


Of course, I start to panic and I may or may not have given CC a little bit of attitude when he came in to find me laying in bed and then turned off the light thinking he was doing me a favour.  I was not ready to go to bed.  I was thinking damn it.  Thinking of what the heck to send this kid to school wearing.  CC doesn’t know this but I even tried my trusty side kick known as google for ideas and came up with nothing.  (I know I’m nutty)

With CC’s help, I eventually laid out some nonsense with inside out pants and mis matched socks and a hat and a thing to hang around his neck.  I’m not at all happy with the outfit but I tell myself, it doesn’t matter.  No-ones judging this stuff anyway.  It’s just for FUN.  Ace is easy.  He won’t care that we ( I ) didn’t put any effort into it.


7am today … it’s time to get dressed for school.


Me:     Here Ace, put this on.  You have to dress silly for school today.

Ace :   No Mummy, I’m not wearing that.

Me:     Come on.  Just put it on.  It will be funny.  We have to hurry.

Ace :  But I don’t want to wear that.

Me :    (Thinking … What? He’s gotta be kidding.  He’s gonna pull this NOW?  Today, when he’s SUPPOSED to look silly he has an opinion?)

Me :   Just take off your PJ’s and put it on. Your teacher will like it.  You’ll see.  Everyone will be dressed silly.

Ace:   No. I’m not wearing that.  I thought about it and I know what I want to wear.  I will wear my Iron Man costume, with my Super Man cape and  my Spider Man mask.  That will be silly.

Me :   OK.  That’s a great idea baby.  (Thinking … Why didn’t I think of that? Didn’t seem that hard.)


So there you have it.  The 1st outfit my son ever designed for himself was an Iron Man, Super Man, Spider Man concoction.

Mis-match AND super heroes in one.

He’s his fathers son.

Happy Birthday my love 🙂


One Response to “Dressing Silly”

  1. Michelle Says:

    That’s brilliant! Clever Ace, looking forward to a pic of that outfit!

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