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A Weekend Full of Firsts March 4, 2012

Jay put on a Spider Man mask … On his own … Just for fun … And kept it on for a Long while.  He repeated this several times.

A mask.  On his face.


Jay put on roller skates and made his way from the couch, down a hallway and to the front door. He wobbled but never fell.

Roller skates.


Jay  put the toilet seat up and peed in the toilet … Then flushed.




All the above are HUGE, AMAZING, CAME TOTALLY OUT OF THE BLUE and are very  worthy of me writing a glowing post with lots of build up and beautiful metaphors and exclamation marks.

The thing is though, I feel like you guys get it.  I feel like I don’t need to do that.  I feel like I can keep it quick and simple and still, you won’t miss any of the meaning here.

You know how any of these by themselves would make my heart flutter … But when you put them all together in just 2 days … Well … I just don’t have the words.

Plus there’s 1 more that will get its own post. I will have to find the words.

So thanks for understanding that I’m not down playing these things that Jay did.  Thanks for being the ones in my life who I don’t have to explain this to.


5 Responses to “A Weekend Full of Firsts”

  1. Michael Says:

    Those are big steps. Obviously someone is doing something good around them!!!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Love this!! xxx

  3. […] Despite that, there’s a happy bubble dancing around in my chest.  One that I’ve been dying to tell you about since Saturday. It’s another thing that happened for the 1st time ever this weekend. […]

  4. mamajoyx9 Says:

    We get it.
    Go Jay Go!


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