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We’re an IHOP family March 12, 2012

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We like going to IHOP.  And our local IHOP welcomes us with open arms and warm smiles.  They know us by now.


Ace.  My spirited, kind, warm, friendly Ace.

Ace, with his 2 different plates and 2 different forks to eat 1 order of eggs and pancakes because even though he’s not the autistic one, he can’t have the pancake syrup getting on the eggs.  Not even a little bit.

Ace, who draws pictures of trains on the backs of our place mats and spins around in his seat to look out the window and at times climbs under the table to retrieve dropped crayons or sugar packets. Sugar packets that he has rearranged so that they are in colour order.

Ace, who loudly shows his toys to whatever family happens to be at the table next to ours.


Jay.  My sweet, funny, independent, he’s-come-so-far Jay.  Pointing to and naming all the letters on CC’s AEROPOSTALE NEW YORK shirt.

Jay with his 2 plastic containers of Rainbow Trix that are not on the IHOP menu. (That he ate all of by the way).

Jay who now draws circles on command.  And then colours it in just for fun.  (The green circle outline is faint but I promise, it’s there)

Jay who holds the crayon appropriately and traced a square and a triangle using dots that CC drew.

Jay who plays peek-a-boo with CC.

My Jay who couldn’t/wouldn’t do ANY of these things not that long ago.


Me, eating a waffle with bacon and drinking multiple cups of coffee … taking pictures of my boys and feeling so happy to have the family that I have.


And then if that wasn’t enough goodness, there was this.  A random, “I love you Daddy” hug.  (Which I can’t believe I was lucky enough to catch on camera)

Say it with me now … AWWWW!!!!!


6 Responses to “We’re an IHOP family”

  1. Michael Says:

    Awwwwwww! That is a lovely post.

  2. solodialogue Says:

    LOVE the photos! Great pictures by Jay and could he please show T how to hold that crayon?! We’re still struggling… The idea of going to a restaurant (much less one that serves pancakes) is a daunting one. Glad you are able to do it. It gives me hope.

  3. quirkyandlaughing Says:

    I LOVE IHOP. We used to go all the time before half my family got diagnosed with a gazillion food allergies 😦 It looks so fun & your guys look so happy!

  4. Lisa Says:

    I loved this…and how exciting that J is coloring and drawing like that!! And the hug….oh, the hug…

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