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Food Meme March 18, 2012

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Woo hoo … I got tagged in my 1st meme.  Thanks, Karen at Solodialogue.  :-).  I’m excited!!!  Although, a part of me is wondering if I should admit to that because I may get tagged in more and as it turns out, they are way more work than I expected.

This one’s all about food.  Which I’m a fan of eating.  I’m not a huge fan of cooking.  I mean, I think I’m a fairly decent cook, but I cook out of necessity, not because it’s enjoyable.  I also don’t experiment much.  I stick to what I know or what I have a recipe for (and I don’t substitute).

OK … lets start.


1. What or who inspired you to start a blog?

Ahm … What inspired me was just the desire to log the feelings I was having about how autism was affecting my life and a desire to talk about my son.  The good and the bad.  I actually thought my blog would be mostly about me venting about the hard stuff but the good times are plentiful and they are so much fun to write.  I’m really glad that I took the leap.

Who planted the seed initially was Jess from Diary of a Mom.  She’s a really touching writer.  I couldn’t help but get sucked into her world.  But who really inspired me to actually start telling my own story was was Jeneil from Autism in a Word.  Everyone knows her right? Rhema and Hopes Mom.  Brandons wife.  She’s amazing and beautiful and God loving.  (I hope that didn’t sound too stalkerish).


2. Who is your foodie inspiration?

I have 3.  My Mom, my friend Angel and my 2nd Grandmother Mil.  All 3 of them are really wonderful cooks.  They get a great deal of pleasure from having other people enjoy their cooking.  They can cook anything.  They will even cook things that they themselves are opposed to (like pork and shell fish products) just because they want their guests to be happy.  They never even complain about the cleaning up after.


3. Your greasiest, batter-spattered food book is…

Betty Crocker

I took the picture at an angle so you could see the torn and then taped up edge.  Me and Betty became best buds when I moved out of my GrandParents house and no longer had access to my Grandma’s Hamlin All Colour Cookbook.

I also love the Naparima Girls Cookbook too though.  The recipes are SUPER DUPER easy and tasty.  I haven’t had it as long as Betty Crocker so it’s not as greasy or batter-spattered.

I have to say too that I have lots of recipes that have been collected from here or there and this person and that or taken from a magazine etc. I even have a pendaflex holder for them.


4. Tell us all about the best thing you have ever eaten in another country, where was it…what was it?

I’m a little biased to Caribbean food.  So I’ll go with fried fish that has just been caught in the sea and then seasoned, cooked and served right there on the beach in Jamaica.  That with some festival (pictured with the fish) and an ice cold Red Stripe (Jamaican beer) and life is good!!!


5. What is the one kitchen gadget you would ask Santa for this year (money no object, of course)?

Ugh … I can’t think of anything.  Remember I don’t cook for fun.  I’d much rather go out to eat or have someone else do the cooking.  There are sooooo many better things Santa could bring me other than a kitchen gadget.


6. Who taught you how to cook?

The aforementioned Angel.  (I’m no way near as good as she is 😦 )


7. I’m coming to your house for dinner.  What’s your signature dish?


Stew chicken with rice and plantains and some sort of salad.


8. What is your guilty food pleasure?

Unlike my friend Karen (who popped my meme cherry), I don’t like chocolate.  Not chocolate milk, not chocolate cake, not chocolate ice-cream.  Nada.  I do have a sweet tooth though.  What I like are cakes and pastries and pies.  So if I had to pick a favourite I may go with Carrot Cake.  But pineapple upside down cake is a close 2nd. And my Aunty J’s coffee cake is hot on their tails.  And then there’s my Grandmas frozen lemon pie.  Deelish!!!


9. Reveal something about yourself that others would be surprised to learn.

I’m a Project Accountant with an Economics degree and I hate math.  I know enough to do my job and I do like my job, but every class after Algebra almost did me in.  Really, I nearly flunked out of college because of statistics and calculus.


And last but not least … Now I get to tag other unsuspecting people.  I don’t know too many bloggers.  Certainly not bloggers who aren’t in the autism circle and likely to have already been tagged so I’m gonna stick with my 2 cousins.

Michelle is a British girl with Jamaican roots.  She’s married to a French man and blogs about life with their 2 beautiful kids while living in France.  Exotic huh? Counys in France

The other, Brina, who’s a Yardie (Jamaican) but lived in England for a long time and is now married to an Italian and they live in Scotland with their now 1 year old.  They also lived in New Zealand at 1 point and I know she loves to write about food. BrinaBirdandSon


Both should have interesting responses to these questions.




7 Responses to “Food Meme”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I started out as an accounting major and dropped it like a hot potato. Math was my nemesis, too…your signature dish sounds quite delish!

  2. So this reminds me of what I have had to learn with in person friends repeatedly, that’s its nice to learn about someone beyond their life as a special needs parent now and then. 🙂

  3. solodialogue Says:

    I love it! It was fun to learn a little more about you! Fresh fish is so yummy but in Jamaica?! Wow, how cool is that? I’ve never been. Cancun was the closest I got.

    I have never eaten a plantain! I seem to remember hearing they are savory, like a potato, not sweet? Your chicken and rice looks really good! Shockingly sad though about the chocolate. 😦 I just do not understand how this could be! Although, I will say that I’ve never met a coffee cake I did not like! 🙂

  4. Michelle Says:

    Great post,”thank” for tagging me, seriously, thanks! I’ll do it tomorrow, promise!
    I love the plantain and the festival, but cannot bring myself to eat fish that looks like a fish, it still has eyes and a head! Give me my British fish and chips anyday!!!

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