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Ace Tried His Hand At Outsmarting My Friend – And It Worked March 19, 2012

Ace has a thing for flash lights and measuring tapes.  Not the floppy tapes that dress makers would use.  Ones like this.

He likes to pull it out and make it stick.  Then press the button to release it quickly.  He does actually also love to actually measure things.  He knows how many numbers it takes to get from our front door to our couch.


The other day we were at my friends house and he found a measuring tape on a ledge.  He immediately went for it but was stopped in his tracks.  She told him it wasn’t a toy and he couldn’t play with it.  He went to town trying to plead his case.  He tried everything.  He told her that we have one at home and he gets to play with that one.  He promised not to break it or lose it.  He swore up and down he wouldn’t hurt himself or anyone else with it.

Even with all that begging and pleading he was still denied the measuring tape.

He walked away looking very dejected.


About 2 hrs later, he came to my friend with a new question.  (She’s a plants and flowers enthusiast)


Ace: Can I plant something?

Friend: Sure that would be fun.

Ace: I see a watering can. After we plant the flowers can we water it?

Friend: Oh yes.  And then you can water all my other plants if you want.

Ace:  Oooh! That’s a great idea!  Water makes them grow.  After we water them, we can measure them.


Boo Yah!  He got her.


3 Responses to “Ace Tried His Hand At Outsmarting My Friend – And It Worked”

  1. Michael Says:

    that son of yours is one smart guy.

  2. Michelle Says:

    He’s so clever, watch out there!!!

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