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Tiny Whiney April 6, 2012

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I’m burnt out.  From my job.  It’s been over a year since I had a whole week off.  This week I’ve been doing the bare minimum.  It’s all I can manage.  Next week I will not have to set the alarm clock.  I will not have to deal with demanding co-workers.  I will not have to fight to stay on top of a to-do list that gets bigger faster than I can check items off.

I will be home with my boys.  All 3 of them.  We have no plan except to have fun and relax and enjoy being with each other.

I thought of putting up a Friday Song Choice that was mushy and that talks about how you would do anything to make your childs lives better/easier/happier.



It’s Easter time.  Easter (much like Christmas) makes me think about my life.  My (mostly very happy) childhood.  My lack of family (except those in my house) to spend it with.  But mostly, my Grandma.  She was the most perfect person I’ve ever known.  I miss her a lot and that pain still runs deep but I have really great memories that make me smile and that allow me to be happy despite her not being here anymore.  I have no doubt that I’m a better parent and person because of her and I wish my sons could have known her.

I thought of putting up a Friday Song Choice in her honour.  It was “our” song.  She loved it and the lyrics speak to how I feel about her.



It’s Friday and so far all the songs I’ve posted as a Friday Song Choice have been slow, mushy, lovey dovey songs.

Most people, I hope, are in a good mood today. Most people, I hope, are preparing for a happy weekend.

I’ll give you a very happy song.  A song that always puts a smile on my face.  A song that reminds me of  being a child and me and my cousins watching our parents dance (so funny) and the beach (which I love) and of all night parties (I’ve been to 1 or 2) and of good friends (which I’m fortunate to have) and of rum (which I have been known to drink 🙂 ) and of the 80’s (who didn’t love the 80’s hair and fashions?).


I wish you all a very happy Easter if you are celebrating that and if not then I just wish you a very happy weekend!



7 Responses to “Tiny Whiney”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I love it too and just imagine my Dad dancing to it!!! Wait for his comment below…..

  2. Michael Says:

    love the song choice. I miss her so much as well. Happy Easter.

  3. Michael Says:

    I could do all that if you want, but getting too old now :-))

  4. solodialogue Says:

    Glad you are getting a break! Happy Easter and happy vacation! Missing someone we love is always bittersweet. Focus on the sweet and the good memories. That’s what she would have wanted. xoxo

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