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Nothing Says I Love You and I Missed You … May 6, 2012

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Like …


your son who you haven’t seen in 2 VERY long weeks roughly jumping on you while you lounge on the couch and using your face as his chair … ahh, good times


your son laughing – instead of pushing you away – as you repeatedly kiss his beautiful and tanned face


your 2 sons dumping entire 10 gallon tubs of toys onto the floor in their room and playing together


going into your sons room a couple of hours later and finding that it’s been cleaned up!!!


being asked to repeat animal names as your son goes through all the toys he didn’t have access to while he was away


your son proudly letting you hear all the new things he can say now like “red juice” and “i want cookie” and “sea-lion


your son also proudly showing you that he can now identify his elbow and his neck


getting a salty, cheese doodley kiss


your son initiating a game of peek-a-boo with you


having Thomas trains and animal puzzles thrown on top of you because your son wants to spend time with you but he also wants to play with his toys


your son doing what you told him to do just because you told him to do it – even if that thing was just to get in the shower


your hubby ruining your diet by bringing home lots of treats that you only find in the Caribbean and then cooking an amazing Sunday dinner


getting treated to a magic show courtesy of the amazing Ace and his magic disappearing wand


being pulled into the bathroom and watching as your son climbs onto the toilet and grabs the toothpaste as his way of telling you that he wants you to brush his teeth


daddy finding a picture that was drawn for him and left hidden in his socks drawer


your son resting his “sweaty from jumping around all afternoon” head on your “just got your hair done yesterday” head as he takes a break from playing to drink some juice


getting peed on     – not on purpose (he’s no r. kelly)


both your boys happily going to bed – in their own beds – because they have each other again




Oh how I missed my boys and I’m so glad they’re home and my life is back to my loud, messy, busy, crazy, love filled normal 🙂


3 Responses to “Nothing Says I Love You and I Missed You …”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I loved this! There is a lot of love in this post…so glad you got to spend time with your boys after their trip!

  2. Michelle Says:

    love love love this!!!

  3. solodialogue Says:

    Aww, that just tugs my heartstrings! What a HUGE amount of progress he’s made! And all that love is sooo amazing! Glad you are all reunited now! Sounds like there is a lot of mutual appreciation going on! 🙂

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