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My Surprise Mothers Day Present NOW May 11, 2012

I know I already posted today and I really don’t mean to “bother” those of you who get e-mails every time I post by over doing it with the blogging but this put a huge smile on my face and so I just had to share it.



This morning as I’m getting ready for work …


Ace: Mummy, I have a surprise for you.  It’s a Mothers Day present.  I can’t show you until it’s Mothers Day OK?  You tell me when it’s Mothers Day and I’ll give it to you. OK?


MeOK baby


Ace It’s a card!!!


MeOoh, OK.  Nice.


AceAnd it’s shaped like a heart.  I made it.  And I drawed on it and decorated it.  It’s beautiful and it’s for you. 


MeYou mean you drew on it.


AceYes, I drew on it.  But it’s a surprise remember?  So you can’t see it.  When is Mothers Day again? 


Me On Sunday.  I’m sure it will be a wonderful surprise.


AceCan we go to the park tomorrow and I can play with my water gun and wear my clothes that Nanas gave me and bring my ball and my sun glasses and my bike?  That’s all I need at the park.


MeYes we can go to the park.  But please try and behave in school today.

(Me: *grinning from ear to ear* I can’t wait to see my surprise card that my son drawed on)



In completely unrelated news … Jay has been saying “help me” for a while now.  It’s been very helpful to us in trying to parent him.  We spent many hours teaching him to say those 2 words.

Well … Mr Man has added to it.  We have no idea where he got it from.  CC and I certainly didn’t teach him this.  We doubt his teachers did either.  But it’s quickly become his favourite thing to say.  We heard it last night a few times and again this morning in the car.

help me NOW

… ahm … We let you get away with a lot little dude, but yelling at us to help you NOW, isn’t gonna work out so well for you.  lol  Good try though.  🙂



This is shaping up to be a very happy Mothers Day weekend for me.  I hope it is for all you amazing Moms out there too.  xoxo


5 Responses to “My Surprise Mothers Day Present NOW”

  1. cathmae Says:

    your posts always make me smile. Happy Mother’s Day, sister.

  2. Lisa Says:

    What a great way to start the day! I would be on pins and needles waiting for that card!

    Have a terrific Mother’s Day!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Happy Mothers Day!! You’re a mum to look up to and inspiration to all of us! xxxx

  4. Neil N Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!

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