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Weekend Journal 5/20 May 20, 2012

Dear Blog,

This was a good weekend.  The weather was great.  My sister came over to visit and we had a picnic in the park.  Ace saw some school friends of his there which made the day that much better for him.  We ate really delicious cupcakes and we read stories.  We went to a flea market where I was able to get diapers for $5 a pack and some school pants for Ace for next year for $2.  Ace bought a transformers toy and Jay bought an animal farm train.  We (which really means CC) cleaned the kids room and I made it to the gym for the first time in almost a month.


Also, my dear blog … On Sunday, Jay ate scrambled eggs for breakfast, ate the noodles from chicken soup for lunch and ate ravioli for dinner.  I seriously cannot remember the last time he ate 3 square meals.

I am so excited.  I’m gonna try him with shepherd’s pie tomorrow.  I don’t know … maybe I’m expecting too much … but I’m gonna try.


And the grand finale to the weekend … is this.



See you soon again blog.  I’m gonna go bask in what’s left of my weekend.

Love you, Deenie


One Response to “Weekend Journal 5/20”

  1. Glad to hear about the three meals. I only got my guy to eat breakfast and supper, so I understand your excitement.
    Re: shepherd’s pie-go for it! We never know what they’ll eat unless we try. What’s that rule of thumb that I’ve heard tossed about? Something about how many times you have to expose a child to a food before they might eat it. Plus, we both know our little guys surprise us.
    Good luck!

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