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I Must Be Doing Something Right June 8, 2012

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Yesterday Ace had a home work assignment to look in the mirror and draw a picture of himself and then write down a bunch of words that describe what he looks like, how he feels and what he’s wearing.  Here’s the list that he came up with – all on his own.











My boy is not lacking in self-esteem.  I’m doing something right!


Happy Friday everyone!!!

I’m sending you lots of positive energy for a great weekend.


7 Responses to “I Must Be Doing Something Right”

  1. Grace Says:

    This is all good! Ace clearly rocks, and he knows it! 🙂

    Good job, mama. Happy weekend.

  2. Neil N Says:

    Great stuff. Self esteem is half the battle.

  3. Brinabird Says:

    I especially love that he thinks he is handsome.

  4. solodialogue Says:

    Well, he IS handsome!! I love how he views himself. His self-esteem will take him places he could never get without it.

  5. That’s wonderful. Nothing makes me happier than when my kids are happy.

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