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A Real Conversation June 25, 2012

I do believe my son and I had our 1st conversation.  It had seemed so natural that it actually didn’t hit me until almost 11pm when I was laying in bed, restless, and trying to fall asleep.


Earlier in the evening I had been sitting on the couch while Jay was in his room playing.  Then he came and stood in front of me.


Jay:  I want cereal bar.

Me:  Cereal bar please.

Jay:  I want cereal bar please?

(After walking to the cupboard)

Me:  I’m sorry, there are no more cereal bars baby.

Jay:  Uh oh.

Me:  Would you like some cereal?

Jay:  Cereal.

And then he sat and ate an entire bowl of Cheerios.


No trying to pull me off the couch, no fussing, no crying, no throwing my hands in the direction of what he wanted.



I don’t know what prompted him to do what we’ve been trying to get him to do for so long.  All the thousands of times that we’ve neglected his physical proddings and tears and have insisted that he “use his words” were all met with frustration and irritation.

The timing doesn’t much matter. All that matters is that even though it’s difficult, our relentlessness is paying off.  He’s getting it.



Nothing else needs to be said here.

Except maybe, that I had a peaceful nights sleep.


6 Responses to “A Real Conversation”

  1. solodialogue Says:

    Awesomeness is often borne of hunger. 😉
    Yay for Jay!

  2. Wow. This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing, and also documenting the important stuff;)

  3. Lisa Says:

    Yay for Jay! Love that you had your first conversation.

    Double yay for a peaceful night’s sleep!

  4. Neil N Says:

    Congratulations on this major milestone! Celebrate it!

  5. […] our first conversation on June 24th, there have been a few more.  They’re all short and they all only serve the […]

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