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Jamaica, Jamaica July 5, 2012

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I have so much to say but how and where do I even start?  How do I begin to document the amazing time we had in Jamaica?  I can’t put into words the hospitality that we were shown by my Aunts and Uncles.  One gave up her bedroom for us and let us use her car so we wouldn’t have to spend money on a rental.  Others cooked and were kind enough to open their homes to us and give us a key so we could come and go as we pleased.  It was all too kind for me to simply say “thank you.”


Every single one of the 8 days we spent on that island could be made into a blog post but that would be over kill.  (I think).  I thought about forgoing words all together and just putting up a slide show of pictures.  There are over 300 of them but I’d only subject you to about 20 or so.  But you see, the problem is that even though pictures may say a thousand words, they don’t even come close to telling the entire story.


Sure, I have a picture of Jay getting his hand licked by a dog.  But the picture won’t tell you how he was scared of the dog for the 1st 2 days but after much gentle encouragement he began to warm up and then decided to give the doggy a treat by letting him lick cheese doodle residue off his fingers since he’d seen his brother give the doggy a treat earlier.


I have pictures of Jay in the water – at the beach and at a pool and in a river.  The pictures don’t tell you how he was very apprehensive and in some cases took up to 2 hours to build the nerve to venture into the water and how I was very proud of him for eventually getting there even though he took his time and didn’t get to it until he felt comfortable.


I have pictures of Ace playing with my dear friends children.  Beautiful boys that they are.  But again the pictures are lacking.  They don’t show how the boys clicked so well that they begged to have Ace stay over after dinner.  We agreed and he had his 1st official sleep over.

The pictures won’t show how my friends husband – who is not usually Mr Sociable – was the most talkative and friendly that we’ve ever seen him.  So much so that he took time off work so their entire family could spend the day with our family at a local mineral bath and everyone had a blast.


There are pictures galore of CC’s cousin and his wife doing touristy things as well as local things.  Being in Kingston, in Ocho Rios, in Montego Bay and even little known places like Rocky Point and Salt River.  The pictures will show that we traveled around a lot and ATE A LOT but they won’t tell the story of how good everything tasted or how the bauxite smelled or how the sand felt under our toes or how we woke up to birds chirping.  They won’t explain that our traveling companions (who live in Trinidad) were in no hurry to go home and were plotting on how they could stay permanently in my beloved home country.


I could go on and on about how I love my family there and I miss them everyday.


There are so many things that I need to say.  Things that I don’t remember about Jamaica when I’m in NJ, but things that as soon as I get there tell me for sure that no matter how long I may be away, Jamaica will always be where my heart is.  Things like how people will say good morning to you as they walk past your house and see you sitting outside on your varandah.  Things like how people answer their phones “hello, good morning (or evening whatever the case)”.  Things like how no matter how poor people are, they find a way to enjoy life.  Things like when people tell you that you are fat, they mean it as a compliment.  Mi love dat place mi a tell yuh … mosquitoes and power cuts and blazing heat and all.


There will be more on the trip.  Another post later.  Maybe more than one.  But for now, just know that we had a great time and it won’t be long before I get the itch again and start saving up for another vacation.


One last thing … (Call it brawta).

My Aunt makes a seriously good coffee cake.  I’ve loved it since I was a child.  She had one ready and waiting for us when we got to their house.  Of course, I dove right in.  As I usually do when I’m eating, I offered Jay a bite.  I always know he will say no but I offer anyway.  Much to my surprise he took a bite of the cake.  Then another.  Then another.  He ended up eating an entire slice.  The next day he actually said “I want cake please.”  He was given a slice with a spoon and he sat on the tiled floor and ate the entire thing.

Yup, I have pictures of that too.


4 Responses to “Jamaica, Jamaica”

  1. solodialogue Says:

    Okay, now there is just so much a girl can take!! Give me your aunt’s address cuz in packing my bags and moving me and Toots to Jamaica!!

    This is so much awesomeness! What a beautiful post. Not a single picture but you recreated everything you wrote about in my mind. And that last bit about the coffee cake? That is just his Mama’s little boy, isn’t it? So happy for you all. Makes me want to go on a plane – almost. How was that part? That is the part I fear the most.

    • The airport and the plane ride was uneventful (aka good). We were even delayed for 1 hr on the tarmac before taking off and still the kids were great! The only time Jay got grumpy was when they made him put the toys he was carrying through the x-ray scanner … but then they came out the other end and he was fine after that. It was all wonderful.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Words and pictures don’t always do the actual experience justice. Thankfully that’s what our memories are all about! What great progress for Jay! Loved that Ace had such good times, too. Savor your beautiful memories…and can’t wait to hear more later!

  3. Wow, really nice! Jamaica is so beautiful. I just wrote an article about my trip there and all my recommendations of what to do and see. Check it out:


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