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Why You Shouldn’t Get A Fish Tank If You Have A Son Who Doesn’t Pronounce Words Well July 16, 2012

My good friend, Robbo,  gifted us a fish tank.  One of those really nice ones kinda like this.



All 3 of my boys love animals so they are all excited about this fish tank.

CC picked it up yesterday and Robbo came over to help him get it all set up.  Towards the end of the set up, they began discussing how best to clean this giant space taker upper beautiful tank and putting away all the supplies in the cabinets under the stand.  For some reason, Jay was very taken with the vacuum that’s used to clean the stones.  He asked what it was and CC told him it was a vacuum.  Jay then did what Jay does and repeated the word back to CC.

Fauk You

At first we weren’t sure what he said as I wasn’t paying that much attention and CC thought his ears may have been playing tricks on him.  To be sure, CC repeated the correct thing emphasizing the V and the M sounds.

Vacuum” says CC

Fauk You” says Jay.


The 3 adults in the room get a good laugh out of this and one of us mentions that we hope Jay doesn’t go to school and decide to tell his teacher about the “Fauk You”.  CC finishes putting the supplies away and Jay comes back out looking for the vacuum and says to CC:

I want, fauk you, please“.  It was so funny, and kinda uncomfortable.



4 Responses to “Why You Shouldn’t Get A Fish Tank If You Have A Son Who Doesn’t Pronounce Words Well”

  1. solodialogue Says:

    Oh goodness! I’ve had similar things happen – just not with the 6th letter of the alphabet phonics! And be grateful it’s just a mispronunciation! Sometimes my son can parrot other (whom I will call daddy here) and that has happened to us at school! Oops. :0

  2. Michelle Says:

    hahaha! Laila used to say “fork and knife” which sounded a lot like “f*ckin knife”, and worse when she asked for it. “Can I have the f*ckin knife please mummy?”!!!!

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