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Maybe He Won’t Go To College In Diapers After All August 29, 2012

So last week my boy was in a foul mood.  He hadn’t been feeling well since the weekend before that.  It was a rough couple of weeks but we did learn a couple of things through it.


1.  Time-outs work on Jay.  We now have a designated time-out chair.  We just have to threaten to send him to the chair and he knows that he better shape up.  aka.  Stop the screaming.


2. He’s ready for potty training.

For some reason, when he was sick, his mouth would accumulate saliva.  He would come to CC and spit in his hand or in a napkin.  We (CC) taught him that when his mouth got full, he should go to the bathroom and spit in the toilet instead.  It was easy.  CC just had to show him once.

*Light bulb*

If he can learn to spit in the toilet with no problem, then he can learn to pee in the toilet too.


We waited until he was feeling better and the screaming had died down and this past Sunday we started putting him in big boy undies and taking him to the toilet every couple of hours.


On Sunday he wet himself twice – which he didn’t like. (GOOD!)  He managed to relieve himself once or twice in the toilet with prompting.

On Monday he would pee in the toilet when we took him there.  The rest of the time he would just hold it.

On Tuesday during the day, when he seemed to be holding it in, we told him to go to the potty and he went.  He still wouldn’t tell us that he needed to go nor would he take himself.

On Tuesday evening, I was getting dressed after a shower and he came in my bedroom and said “potty“.  Since I wasn’t clothed, I asked CC to take him to the bathroom and my baby did # 1 in the toilet.

Today, he woke up, went to the bathroom and did his business; CC put him in underwear and for the 1st time, we took him outside without a diaper. When he got back home he went to the bathroom on his own.


I’m pretty confident that he has it figured out at home.  Hopefully it translates when he’s in other places but I really think this is it.  I think he’s got it.

It only took a couple of days but we had to wait until he was ready.


I’m SOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!

I texted Nanas the news.

I told my sister.

And now I can’t wait to tell his teacher Mrs L when he goes back to school next week.  He’ll have the same teacher this school year that he had last year and they have a great relationship.  She has seen him grow and change and improve in countless ways over the last couple of years and what a difference just a couple of months of summer have made.  He’s so different now than he was when she last saw him in June.



7 Responses to “Maybe He Won’t Go To College In Diapers After All”

  1. Lisa Says:

    This is super exciting!!! I am so glad that he’s getting the hang of it! Whoo-hoo!!!

    • solodialogue Says:

      Hooray! It took us years with Toots (and he still holds #2) but we probably started too early! And yay for the time-out working- that is huge!

      • We’re still working on #2 but I’m excited that we’re making progress in that department. Yeah it’s great that the time out works. He needs to use his words when he’s frustrated instead of throwing a tantrum.

  2. O, I am so happy for you all! I think I will always feel a little joy no matter how old my kids get, whenever I notice them toilet independently. It is so nice. Congrats to Jay!

  3. Michelle Says:

    fantastic news all round!!!! I wish time outs would work on Max!

  4. Ann Kilter Says:

    My first daughter, who was most impaired, took the longest to train, in part because she was more impaired than her younger siblings. But also because we didn’t pick up on a few things, except in hindsight. We had to find something to motivate her that SHE liked…candy, praise meant nothing to her when it came to potty training. However, she loved putting pennies in a three foot high plastic bear bank that my father found at a garage sale. We didn’t realize how hard it was for her to sit on a toilet…my mother found a wooden seat that sat on the toilet (she was five by the time she was trained). In retrospect, we found out four years later that she had left sided weakness due to a brain injury at birth. Balance was one of her issues. A major help was motor training. We found this part of the solution in a book called Potty Training Without Tears, which listed most types of potty training thought of in the early 1990s. Motor training was recommended for children with special needs. When she had a mess or was wet, I had her practice going to the bathroom, pulling down her pants, and sitting on the toilet ten times. Since she was fairly compliant, this was helpful for her. My younger children were easier to potty train, but it still wasn’t easy. When they were 6, 8, and 10, I started a Child Care business when my husband was out of work. I helped potty train some normal children and I was shocked at how easy it was.

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