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There was no party September 6, 2012

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Ace has been 6 years old for 3 days already but with all the back to school stuff I haven’t even had a chance to blog about his weekend.


OH!  Stick a pin!  I gotta tell you guys that the day after I wrote the letter to Ace’s teacher she moved him so he now sits in the front of the class.  Dare I relax a little bit now?


OK … Back to the birthday weekend.

We didn’t have a party for him but Ace had a great birthday weekend. He ended up with 3 cakes.  THREE!

First up, was a giant cupcake at Nanas house on Saturday.  He and Jay spent both Friday and Saturday night there.  By the way, Jay didn’t used to call her anything – since he didn’t used to talk but now he does 🙂 – so she is now known as Nanas to Ace and Mamas to Jay.  She loves both the names my boys have given her … I think.  They always have fun there especially when Jay is in a good mood and this weekend he was.  Nanas/Mamas family strung up decorations and they sang the Happy Birthday song and Ace got presents and Jay spoilt their dog by dropping lots of crumbs on the floor which he quickly licked up.  Sometimes Jay didn’t even wait for the crumbs to fall; he fed the dog straight out of his plate.  And yes, Jay would continue eating after the dog had eaten from his hand.  No, no-one washed his hands in between.  Don’t worry about it.  It’ll help build his immune system.


Since the kids were out living the good life with Nanas/Mamas, CC and I went out on Friday night.  We hadn’t had that chance in a long time.  We had a ball.  We went with a group of friends and there was a delicious dinner and yummy drinks with fancy tropical names and then there was dancing.  We didn’t get home until 4am.

I now know – without a doubt – that I’m not the same person that I was when I was in my 20’s.  20-something Deenie, could hang out all night and then go to work the next day.  30-something Deenie, served NO purpose to anyone all day Saturday.  I was out of it completely.  CC went out with his friends again on Saturday night but I crashed in bed.


On Sunday we collected the kids and went to NY to see my mom who we haven’t seen in over a year since she moved to Florida.  My 2 sisters, CC’s mom and 1 of his brothers and our 5 year old nephew came over also.  It was nice to have everyone together.  We had a good laugh at CC’s expense when he said that fish can drown.  Then we all had to apologize when we googled it and found out that he’s right.  Fish CAN drown.  Who knew?!?!

Since so much of the family was gathered in one place, we decided to get Ace a cake and sing him Happy Birthday.  He wasn’t too interested in that cake.  He just wanted to play with his brother and cousin.

When it was time for everyone to head home, Ace begged to have his cousin sleep over.  When we said no because it would be too difficult to bring the cousin back home to NY the following day, he played the “but it’s my birthday” card.  He wanted to spend his real birthday with his cousin.  I’m a total sucker and CC plays tough but he’s a softee too, so we relented.


Little cousin came home with us and slept over at our place on Sunday night.  All day Monday we had 3 happy little boys running around and having fun.  I LOVED it.  I loved seeing all the interaction and hearing all the laughing.  I could live in those moments forever.

School was set to start the following day and I hadn’t as yet bought any school supplies so I ran to Walmart in the morning and while I was there, I picked up 3 super hero cupcakes for the boys.  All 3 boys gathered around the cupcakes and all 3 boys blew out the candles together.  Ace was so good all weekend.  He asked his cousin and brother to help him open his presents and then he was really good about sharing what he got.  Jay actually loved the magic set more than Ace did and we were treated to a fairly good magic show.  Jay’s Halloween costume has officially been decided.  Look out David Blaine!


All in all … there was no party … but there was lots of love and happiness and fun.  That’s all I ever wish for my boys as they celebrate their birthdays.







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  1. Michelle Says:

    sounds just perfect! Happy Birthday Ace! xxx

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