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Sitting, Kneeling, Rolling, Singing, Laying down. September 14, 2012

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This was Ace’s 1st week of having daily home work.  We typically start working on his assignments at around 6pm.

I’ll tell Ace it’s time to do his home work and he’ll ask me if he can have some cheese doodles.  I’ll ask him to go get a pencil and he’ll come back grinning, holding something like this

. Not exactly the right kind of pencil to do school work.

Ace will then complain about being thirsty so I’ll tell him to go get some juice, a proper pencil and then come and sit for home work.


He’ll get through 1 of his 2 pages of math home work when he’ll notice that Jay has brought home a new story book from school and it’s sitting on the coffee table.  Of course, he’ll need to investigate this new book.  I tell him to finish the 2 pages of math first and then we’ll read the new book together.  (I use a lot of “first this, then that” when dealing with Ace. It works pretty well.)  2 pages of math later, we’re sitting on the couch reading Jay’s new book.

When the story is over Ace runs away towards his room but I call him back because he still has spelling home work to do.


I’ll tell him to pick up his pencil again and write sentences using each of his spelling words.
Look at my band-aid mom” he says.  He starts trying to peel it off so he can see if his injury is healing.  I tell him to leave it alone and start writing his sentences.

Wait a minute!  His note book is missing.  I ask him where it is and he tells me that he left it at school by accident.

Oh well.  I pull out a blank page from another notebook and tell him to use that.  I’ll write a note to his teacher informing her of the “left back” composition book.

He sits on the floor to start writing.

He lays on his back.  He twirls the pencil.  He lays on his belly.

Kneeling, rolling, singing, laying down.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  There’s constant movement.  Constant talking.

But, his home work sentences ARE getting written.  And quite neatly, I might add.

All the while, I’m being bombarded with …

“Mom, I got green today.  What do I get if I get green again tomorrow?”

“Mom, I told my teacher about the Freedom Tower.”

“Mom, do you know what illustrated means?  It means that’s who drew the pictures.”

“Mom, “green” is one of my sight words.”

“Mom, am I getting home lunch or school lunch tomorrow?”

“Mom, how many more days of school do I have?”


Every once in a while he’ll ask for help with spelling a word, but I’m actually impressed with his ability to do his homework without much assistance.  He can read the instructions and do what he’s supposed to do on his own.  He knows more than I know that he knows.


By 6:30, we’re done.  What could/should probably take 10 minutes, ends up taking about a half an hour but to be honest, it’s not so bad and if doing home work stays this way for the entire school year I’ll be happy.


3 Responses to “Sitting, Kneeling, Rolling, Singing, Laying down.”

  1. It’s great that you are letting him move while doing his homework. I know before I heard of SPD I thought that one had to be still and quiet to get stuff done. Now I know that may work for me, but not for everyone.
    Keep up the good work, Ace!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Have I mentioned that Ace reminds me of Jake?? 🙂 This sounds like our routine, a bit. I have found that an exercise ball helps Jake while doing his work…maybe Ace would like that, too.

    Hope homework time continues to not be an issue!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Well done for letting him do it his way and not making him conform to sitting at the table. He’s a clever boy! I’m not looking forward to having homework for the kids, I can imagine it can become a source of conflict at home.

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