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Being Real September 24, 2012

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I don’t have a clue where to start.  I feel like there’s a lot going on but I don’t really know what those things are.

Let’s see …


Work is busy.  It’s the end of the month and I’m bogged down with meetings.  All the while I’m expected to stay on top of my regular work.  I am all out of vacation days and there are still 3 months left in the year.  IEP and doctors appointments need to be attended and I have no idea how I’m gonna make it happen.

We were without internet access for 2 days.  How did we manage before the internet was invented???  I felt soooo lost without it.  The main thing I missed was reading the blogs I follow.  I did make up for that today, but since there were so many to read, I didn’t do much commenting.


We have a full house.  For 2 weeks, the in-laws will be staying with us.  We live in a 2 bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom.  It’s a little tight but it’s been ok; I’m not complaining.  Except maybe when it’s time to watch TV.  I’m definitely outnumbered as I’m the only one not interested in watching sci-fi/horror/ghost movies.


We went to a family birthday party in New York this past weekend.  For the most part it was really great.  We saw LOTS of my family that we rarely get to see.  People came from Cayman, Florida, Georgia, Canada, Connecticut and Maryland.  These are people I grew up with and I love them and miss them to bits.  I love when our kids – who are cousins – get to play together.  We dish out hugs and kisses and we talk and laugh a lot and we play cards into the wee hours of the morning.  We reminisce on all the crazy antics we got into as teenagers and we talk about how lucky we were to have gotten through it all unscathed.  We know our parents would’ve killed us had they known what we were doing and some of us have teenagers now and that scares all of us.

I do get sad when the time comes that we need to say goodbye.  I miss them so much.  I also get a little sad when we start “catching up” because I always feel like the loser of the group.  I know I shouldn’t compare.  I know no-one has it all.  I know in my life I have what other people pray for.  I still feel lacking.  Whatever.  That’s how I feel and that’s real.


We’re drowning in laundry.


Three people I’m close to, have had deaths in their families in the past week.


Ace didn’t have a great week at school last week and in general he’s engaging in some behaviours that for lack of a better term, annoys the heck out of CC.  As a result, CC’s been very short with Ace and I don’t usually agree with his way of handling Ace.  CC just has no patience at all for Ace not listening or talking too much or being needy or crying over what CC sees as something silly.


(Damn it – Am I giving out too much info?  Should I even publish this?)

If you know me in real life just disregard all the bad stuff I said today.  I just need to get it out.  This is my therapy.



OK, let me close out by sharing some goodness.


Jay did an AMAZING job this past weekend. It was a lot to handle.  A long day with a lot of kids and a lot of new/slightly familiar faces and very little quiet time.  He used his words, he played with other kids, he played by himself in the sand, he took a break in the car when he needed it, he never melted down and was only slightly grumpy once or twice when my cousin tried to rough-house with him.  He did laugh with that same cousin more times than not so it was a win.  He also pushed down a 2-year-old but it wasn’t with malice.  He was trying to engage his lil cousin to play “chase” with him.  He figured that if he pushed the cousin, the cousin would chase him.  It didn’t work that way but hopefully he will know better next time.

Soccer and Boy Scouts are off to good starts.
I owe people pictures of the kids in their uniforms.  So cute!


Fall is here and I’ve grown to really love this time of year.  The colours, the pumpkin flavoured everything.  Halloween.


The End



7 Responses to “Being Real”

  1. Lisa Says:

    We definitely have to get out the stuff that weighs us down. It will pass.

    Sounds like Jay did great at the family gathering!! The shoving to play chase sounds so similar to behaviors that Tate uses to engage. He is doing better, and Jay will remember…

    Fall is my favorite time of year, too!

  2. solodialogue Says:

    You have a close family! It’s great that so much visiting and traveling goes on. I’m glad for Jay that he did well with all the faces. I think a lot of our kids are going through a little something as they settle into the new school year. Glad you are enjoying fall – where I am it’s still 85-90 degrees every day so I really am not noticing any changes yet!

  3. Deb Says:

    Thank you for being real.

  4. Michelle Says:

    You are so real, and it’s OK to let it all out sometimes. Ace’s behaviours sound like Laila at the moment, except I’m the one it annoys more! I have less patience than my hubby! I’ve been doing a reward chart for her this week, I find they work from time to time. She gets a sticker each time she does something the FIRST time I ask her to, and we’ve seen a few less meltdowns as a result. My hubby sighs each time I decide to do a reward chart, but he quickly came round when he noticed the fast change in behaviour! I’m putting it down to tiredness from the school routine…

  5. feathersofhappenstance Says:

    it is good to be real. If we don’t get out what we need to get out, it’s like sweeping it under the rug, and sooner or later you will tip over that growing lump. better to get it out now and risk having a scratch than to trip and have major things happen like broken bones. To be real is to be yourself, and to be yourself is what makes one happy! 🙂 I can’t help but be real in my blog.

  6. OneLoCoMommy Says:

    Well, if you don’t let it out here, where are you gonna let it out? In fact, it’s hard to believe we are heading into the final three months of the year. I barely got through summer, and now the impending stampede of holiday events will start. Sigh. Hang in there!

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