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I Guess We’ll Keep Going October 1, 2012

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A few weeks ago, I signed both my boys up for football.  I mean soccer.  I mean football.  Damn it!  This is where my Jamaican (British influence) vs my American-ness is at odds with each other.  I really want to call it football, but since my kids are American and they’re the ones playing, I’ll call it soccer.  (Happy Robbo?)


OK, so on Saturdays at 6pm, my kids play soccer.  Or are supposed to be playing soccer.  Ace has been wonderful. He goes through the drills and really wants to do well.  He follows the instructions of the coach and is always wanting to learn more and more.  He thinks he’s ready to “head” the ball and tackle the older, more experienced players.  He enjoys the 1/2 hr at the end where they “play a game”.  For a bunch of 5-8 year olds who are new to the sport, it looks more like a mosh-pit than a soccer game.  They all just chase the ball and kick it in any direction they feel like and pile on top of each other and they trip over each others feet.  It’s pretty funny, but I’m thinking that in addition to shin guards they should also wear helmets.

Ace hasn’t quite figured out yet that he’s on a team or what that means so if he’s not the one actually scoring the goal he thinks he hasn’t won.  Ace was worn out by the time the session was over.  2 hours of soccer – 1, ADHD – 0.  I like it.


What’s that you ask?  What’s Jay doing while Ace is honing his David Beckham skills?
Oh, he ran around the field laughing at those of us trying to get him to do something specific.

He tried to get people to play “chase” but we CC was having none of it. (I did chase him a few times. He’s just so cute.)

Sometimes he chased a stray ball and picked it up and threw it in the opposite direction to where it should be going.  (Back to the kids who had mis-kicked it.)

He mimicked a couple of 7 year olds who were climbing a wall of stairs and jumping off the top step.

He played in the goal post nets.


At one point, I mentioned to the coach that maybe we shouldn’t bring Jay anymore but he was absolutely against that.  “After all” he said, “he’s running and getting exercise.  That’s something.  Don’t worry about itBring him.”

The coach tried tethering Jay to a ball with a leash thing, hoping that would keep him interested in the ball but all it did was make Jay want to run around with the ball behind him.  He thought it was hilarious.


CC did manage – for a while – to get Jay to kick the ball a few times into the goal.


Maybe it’ll take a few more weeks for him to get it.  Maybe football soccer will never be Jay’s thing.  But since the coach and his team are so welcoming and understanding, we’re gonna keep lacing up those cleats.  One thing’s for sure; We are not one of those families who can relax on the side lines sipping hot cocoa while our kids have their lesson.  It’s a 2-parent affair getting Jay through those couple of hours.  At least he’s happy the whole time. Even if Ace, CC and I leave exhausted.


5 Responses to “I Guess We’ll Keep Going”

  1. Neil N Says:

    I love your attitude. Stay positive, keep trying. As long as the kids are willing and it’s a good supportive environment and everyone is having fun, it’s a win all around.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Keep bringing him! Jay reminds me of Tate during Jake’s t-ball games. It is great for him to be there.. and as he gets used to it, he may be ready to play eventually. We can’t simply sit and watch either…you are not alone.

  3. Love the coach’s attitude! And the tethered ball? Hilarious!! It actually looks like you all got se exercise and had a lot of fun!!

  4. Luna Says:

    awesome story

  5. solodialogue Says:

    You do have the best outlook and attitude! Can you get that to rub off on me?! You always seem so mellow to my anxiety ridden self! They boys look adorable (I’d play chase with Jay too!)

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