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Don’t Touch October 8, 2012

Is it mischief or does he not understand?  That is very often the question.

Ace, CC and I have on several occasions told Jay not to touch one thing or another.  A hot oven.  Toy cars or trains or action figures.  Food that’s been beautifully displayed on a sale table.

Jay more often than not ignores our requests.

(By the way, I’m sorry if you ever bought a cupcake that had a finger smeared through the icing.)


CC gets stern with him and threatens time-out.  That usually sends a crying Jay into my arms so I can comfort him.

Ace yells at his brother and grabs his belongings back.  That usually leads to me telling Ace not to yell and grab but to just talk to him calmly and ask for his things back.

I gently coax Jay away from the off-limits item(s) while explaining why he cannot or should not be touching it.


Whenever CC witnesses my response he shakes his head.  Then he’ll say “Jay may have you fooled but not me.  I know that Jay fully understands what he’s supposed to do (or not do) and he’s choosing to be disobedient and mischievous.”

CC is right, there is A LOT that Jay DOES understand; but I am right too; there is also A LOT that he DOES NOT.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell which side of the fence things fall on so I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt and go easy on him.


Yesterday, we were all just hanging out, doing the family thing.  Ace with his Lego’s.  CC watching TV.  Me putzing around and Jay on his i-Pad.

Jay got thirsty and put the i-Pad down on the couch next to Ace and began heading to the kitchen.  He stopped a few steps away, looked back and said “Don’t touch”  then he continued on his way.  Half way to his destination he turned around to see that his i-Pad had in fact been touched and he was non too happy.  He came back, took it from the offender, moved it to a new location and repeated his instructions “DON’T TOUCH!”


You sold yourself out kid.  Now mama can’t save you anymore.  At least, not with this.


6 Responses to “Don’t Touch”

  1. Brinabird Says:

    This made me laugh.

  2. I LOVED this story.
    When I read your apology for the fingerprints in the icing, I completely understood. You know that I’ve been trying to have my guy push the shopping cart in the store. The problem is that then he wants to touch EVERYTHING. I’ve bought a few items out of guilt because Philip has manhandled them.

  3. Michelle Says:

    very funny!! But don’t beat yourself up about giving him the benefit of the doubt, cos you know that not many other people will do that for him sadly xxx

  4. Neil N Says:

    Love it. In my experience, they often understand a lot more than we give them credit for.

  5. cathmae Says:

    In Jay’s defense… children get a lot of information about things by touching them and it’s asking a lot of them to deny that tactile drive. Yes, we want him to learn to do what he’s told, but he’s a work in progress like us all.
    I love him taking that bit of power over his ipad!

  6. Flannery Says:

    Hahaha, SO BUSTED!

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