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Thank You Childrens Place October 17, 2012

This morning was Jay’s annual IEP review/meeting.  I’m not going to talk about that today.  Or probably ever. There will be plenty of IEP talk in January when we do his comprehensive re-evaluation (which will include 2 to 3 hours of testing and observations) to find the appropriate kindergarten class for him.


In lieu of IEP stuff (and on a much lighter note), I’ll share this story with you.



There used to be a Childrens Place outlet store down the street from my job.  That has since closed down and re-opened NEXT DOOR.  It’s technically, in the same building as where I work.  Not good.  Not good at all for my pockets.

Since I know that Jay LOVES animals.  And since I know that winter is knocking on our door 😦 .  And since I know that kids can never have too many hats or socks, I took my boys to the Childrens Place store after work.  I saw in the window when I went to the new store for the 1st time a couple days earlier, that they had some really cute animal hats.  They had “ears” on top and the little flaps to keep your real ears warm.  Plus, they were on sale and I had a coupon.

(Too much justifying?) 

I could’ve just chosen one for Jay but I thought he would have fun choosing his own and I know that it’s a blessing that he’s able to choose his own.  So many kids don’t have that capability.  Whether it’s due to a lack of awareness or whether it’s because going to a store – any store – is just too overwhelming or whatever.

So off to the store we went for a little hat choosing fun.

There were a few different options.  There was a frog, a skunk, a dog to name a few.  Personally I thought the skunk was really cute.  Jay looked at each one and chose the skunk.  He tried it on.  He went to admire himself in the mirror and then came back and finally decided on the raccoon.  It wouldn’t have been my choice but it was still cute.

Ace chose a skull and cross bones hat.  Cause, ya know … it was “so cool!”

We made our way to the check out area; took the hats off each kids head and handed them to the (not pleasant) lady behind the counter. Usually the people who work in that store are very pleasant but this one was irritating me.  I won’t go into the details of why exactly.  That doesn’t matter.  Ace asked her not to put his new hat into a bag because he wanted to wear it home.  Jay thought that was a good idea so he reached out his hand to her and very loudly said “Fok You.”

I froze for a second.  I looked at CC and we both hoped no-one else heard and pretended like it didn’t happen.

FOK YOU” rings out again.  Still with him reaching towards the mean lady.

I giggled nervously and thought to myself “everyone here probably thinks we’re the worst parents ever.”

CC scooped Jay up into his arms and tried to get him to be quiet.  Jay took this to mean he should yell louder.


I quickly handed Jay his raccoon hat and heard one last “fok you.”

Usually I have VERY little tolerance for poor customer service but in this case, I was glad the woman at the check-out was not paying any attention to us.


3 Responses to “Thank You Childrens Place”

  1. Luna Says:

    hahaha hilarious!!

    just this morning a similar thing happened to me. we don’t watch Thomas the Tank Engine. nothing against the train but none of the kids like him much. however, since we’re rock star parents and leave the boob tube on 24/7, he sometimes comes on. but the character names are not in my immediate rolodex when trying to decode toddler-speak. anyway. this morning at the pediatrician’s office, my 3 year old hollers out what i later discerned to be “I love Percy!”. however, it didn’t sound like Percy because she’s struggling with her r’s. i’ll leave it up to you to figure out what it sounded like she said.

    now if she’d said what Jay did, i’d have just apologized to the other patients b/c i’m kinda sorta maybe a little guilty of dropping that bomb. never to them and never in anger, but it happens. sometimes i’m being funny with the husband and once i ripped back a fingernail and yeah, well, that word slipped out. but THIS word (Percy) is never said in front of the kids for any reason. i finally figured it out when i saw a wall-sticky of a green train engine and so I said as loudly as possible, “I LOVE PERCY, TOO!”. i was still red as a tomato, though.

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