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A Few Favourite Things October 19, 2012

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When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad


Everything is not great right now but there is a lot that is.  As I was putting this together last night; it felt pretty good falling asleep thinking only about the good things.  So without further adieu, I will share with you a list of some of the little things that make me happy.


1. The TV show Dexter.  Never mind that it’s about a serial killer and I think the woman who plays his sister is very hard to look at.  I still love it.

2. Pumpkin Muffins and Coffee.  Gotta get as much of it in my system as I can before it’s gone again.

3. Hand-Me-Downs.  My kids grow way too fast for me not to love hand-me-down clothes and I got 3 bags full last week.  Thanks D.

4. Our neighbourhood lost power the other day and I took a really hot shower in complete darkness.  It was very relaxing.

5. Last week I got free lunch on 3 days and this week I got 2.

6. I have a friend who sometimes e-mails me during the work day and often when he does, I literally, LAUGH OUT LOUD!  My laptop has had coffee spit on it a few times.

7. Flannel sheets.

8. Ace is loving Boy Scouts (FYI – more than soccer) AND the cherry on top is that CC is enjoying it with him.  I’ve officially been relieved of my Boy Scouts duties and CC has taken over.

9. Pandora.

10. Cheesy songs that I sing at work and that my co-workers tolerate.





2 Responses to “A Few Favourite Things”

  1. Brinabird Says:

    Great post…I love it x

  2. Lisa Says:

    I find focusing on things that are good always helps me when some other things are really tough. I love that you sing..I do too, although my boys are my toughest critics!! 🙂

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