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Christmas Wish Lists November 6, 2012

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The stupid Target Big Toy Catalog came in the mail.  Apparently it’s not enough to get bombarded on TV by toy commercials, they need to send you something tangible that your kids can shove in your face over and over again while they tell you how much they NEED everything in it and how cool it all is and how it’s ONLY $75 for the remote control all-terrain amphibious vehicle.

Or is that just my 6 year old?


A couple years ago neither of my kids would have paid any attention to that book.  A couple of years ago, they wouldn’t have understood that all the cool things in the book are actually available to them if only they could convince their parents to pay for it. Last year, it started to click for Ace, but for Jay it still wasn’t something he paid any attention to.


This year, Ace can’t stop leafing through that stupid catalog.  Each time it’s like he’s seeing something new that he hadn’t seen before.  And each and every time, he tells me how much he wants, needs, has everything.

For the first time ever, Jay has noticed the catalogs existence and has spent time perusing the pages.  For the first time ever, Jay brought me the book, turned to a specific page, pointed to a picture and said “This one“.  Just to be sure, I asked him if that’s what he wanted and he nodded and said “uh huh“.


This Christmas, Ace definitely will NOT get everything he asked for … since he asked for everything.  And to be honest, what he really should be asking for are his 2 front teeth 🙂

Also this Christmas, Jay definitely WILL get everything he asked for … since he asked for ONE thing and it was the first time ever, he has asked for anything.




3 Responses to “Christmas Wish Lists”

  1. Luna Says:

    hahaha, too funny! my son is 10. last year his one requested gift from Santa was a briefcase.

    during the past year, he started wearing deodorant. he saw an insert that showed all the scents, all looking almost identical save for the scent-specifying sticker. and my boy collects. so i’ll be buying deodorant for christmas. it’s all he’s asking for. aye.

    my NT 8 year old chica wants a Lalaloopsy Mittens Fluff ‘N Stuff. It’s been discontinued and considered rare and currently going for $250 on ebay. yeah. that ain’t happenin.

    and my 3 year old thinks Santa only brings candy canes. that was the highlight of last year’s stockings. the freakin candy canes!

    i hope you manage to find the one thing he’s asking for! 🙂

  2. Michelle Says:

    Laila’s list is very long, we have a collection of catalogues which have been thumbed endlessly! She will certainly not be getting everything on it! I’m more excited about Max this year, he’ll be nearly 3yrs old and it’s probably the last “innocent Christmas” we’ll get!!

  3. caffieneplease Says:

    How funny! I threw out the target catalog before mine saw it.

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